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Court: Search enginge spamming by HTML Metatag is against buisiness regulations

Listing several hundred metatags like in a dictionary wihtout any connection to a web page would lead to manipulation of search enginges and is against buisiness regulations of 1 of "Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb" (Law against unfair competition). This was decided by the Landgericht Essen (District Court?) in a now-published decision. [...]

In the arguments of the court, this usage of search keywords leads to search engines bringing those pages to top and being visited by users more frequently. When using hundreds of dictionary-like words, that even with trying didn't show any connection to the goods and services presented in a page, the hoster can't be after presenting his offer optimally. This would only leave the conclusion that the weaknesses of search engines are taken advantage of to gain an advantage in competition.

This wouldn't apply to any use of Meta Tags according to the judges. A competitor would have to endure a web page with keywords that are in connection to the offer of the hoster in a wide sense. The same applies to the use of names, Geschäftsbezeichnungen [?] or labels, if those are "part of commercial links on the web page", to make business with commercial partners possible.

The abbreviated parts are rather internal to Germany and not of interest for this discussion.

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