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Comment brought to you by the old-fucking-news dept. (Score 3, Interesting) 393

Hrm... this article seems like old news -- I have been doing this since my brand-new 700mhz iBook on OS X 10.1. What's even better, that I didn't see when I skimmed through the article, is that you can drop OS X into console mode by entering the user >console at the login screen, with no password -- log in to the console and issue the 'startx' command. No more aqua, just kde (or gnome)...

This is kinda useful on the new iBooks that would like to run a more linux-y interface, but still want wireless support (the airport extreme cards use a closed-source broadcom chip-set that will never be opened due to FCC regulations). You can just run your qt / gtk programs in your respective window manager and run all the programs you can either find on fink, or anything else you can get to compile correctly (good luck). Obviously the down-side to this is that you can't run an OS X apps, but if you just log out it will throw you back to the OS X log-in screen.

What I would really like to see (calling out to the talended /. developer community) would be a way to initiate sessions on OS X, so that the ctrl-alt-F* would give you a different session -- one running quartz/aqua, and one running Xfree86/Xorg. Say hello to the best of both worlds -- the window manager of your choice right at your finger-tips!

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