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Comment Re:Succession dispute in Beijing. (Score 1) 146

your theory is right, but your history is not.

while Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution may be a result of power struggles. the power struggles itself got nothing to do with succession, as both event happen within Mao's life time, while he is in power.

As for the successions, there were actually 4: Mao -> Hua Guofeng -> Deng Xiaoping -> Jiang Zemin -> Hu Jintao. While there was internal power struggle between Hua and Deng after Mao die, it was not chaoic like Greate Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. And the two later successions were smooth without major event.

And for public involvement. The public just don't involve in the centual government period. The last time the public try to get involve, it end with tank rolling into Tiananmen Square. The only thing the public get to "involve" is to follow whatever guildline pass down from beijing.

Comment Re:The real state of Diablo III (Score 1) 237

my wireless is a little flaky because of my apartment's layout so the only multiplayer that works well is on the LAN.

wait how is LAN any different from online play if your problem is with your "wireless"?

For all those who complain about lack of LAN play, do you really need that? what is the different between playing with your "friends" who sit in his mom's basement or across the table in your mom's basement? of all places, /.er should have the know-how to set up an across-the-table-like-experence(tm) over the interweb.

Comment Re:Context? (Score 0) 301

oh the wonder of "market reality". I am sure before the housing crash in the states, everyone was saying the same thing when the few people who point out that the subprime load market was doom.

what AC said are all valid point. step back and ask yourself as a geek, is what apple selling really that much better than all the android model out there? why is it selling 10, 100X better? because it is cool to have a i-device. but something can only stay cool for so long. when people finally wake up to that reality, the party is over. it might not happen this year, but if apple don't pull another rabbit out, it will be exactly as AC said. apple stock will drop and stablize at much lower than current price.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 236

just how do you know they are not collecting your info? and having your info sell off to highest bidder? which as far as I know google don't have to do to make their billions. do you take their word for it?

to me, not using google because they have all your info and COULD do evil with it, is not a valid arugment, unless you are living like RMS. I am better off taking the word of a hugly successful company that have so far stick to their word, than to a smaller company that may or may not have to sell whatever they have to survive.

Comment Re:So, the teacher wants to hide the report card? (Score 1) 557

if we only care about not screwing over people's life, how is this a bad thing?

let assume a bad teacher will have 30 student each of the 10 remaining year of her job, and that 90% of the student will not be affect by her bad teaching. we are still 3 times ahead on life screwed, if we unfairly fired 10 other teachers to get one bad apple out of the bin.

Comment Re:Bing... (Score 2) 304

According to the phone in my pocket, Google is the only choice of a search engine on that device thanks to a fundamental conflict of interest between the Android part of Google and the search part of Google.

according to the android phone in my pocket, I can still bing through the google broswer and the bing app. unless it was really google search with different skin.....oh wait.

Comment what is the worst can happen... (Score 1) 91

...if it don't work, you go blind?

to my understanding, these folks are either already blind or going to be if untreated. between going/state blind versus gambling for a cure or going blind, I think being able to roll the dice is a good thing. do we really need to wait 10-20 year before approving a treatment that in the worst case cannot make it worst than what the patient is already now?

Comment Re:Every student forced to buy Apple (Score 1) 376

disclaimer: I don't own any i-device, so I get all my info 2nd hand.

according to this ,there is to be found for college level textbook book at the time of writing. until you can actually buy those book, shouldn't you be not making claim as to what the cost may/will be.

if your wife is still going to high school, I think you have bigger thing to worry about than the price you paying for them.

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