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Comment Proudly cataloged with FOSS (Score 1) 576

My wife and I have been building a collection for the last few years. It's amazing how much space books take up. We have filled a room with wall to wall shelves and we only have about 1500 books. I first cataloged them using LibraryThing, but now I'm re-cataloging them using Koha, an open source library system, of which I am one of the developers. It's great even for tiny collections such as mine. I love the subject linking that comes with using MARC records. The main site for it is http://koha.org/

Submission + - Australian court rules eBay auctions as binding

Ellis D. Tripp writes: "An Australian court has ruled that an eBay seller cannot back out of an auction sale once it is successfully completed. The court has ordered a seller to hand over a vintage airplane to an eBayer who bid just over the reserve price of $128,000, despite a subsequent non-eBay offer of over $200,000. More details here:

http://www.comcast.net/news/technology/index.jsp?c at=TECHNOLOGY&fn=/2007/08/03/730424.html"

Submission + - Brain electrodes help man speak again (yahoo.com)

An anonymous reader writes: "He was beaten and left for dead one night in a robbery while walking home in 1999. His skull was crushed and his brain severely damaged. The doctor said if he pulled through at all, he'd be a vegetable for the rest of his life." "Researchers chose him for an experimental attempt to rev up his brain by placing electrodes in it."

Submission + - Windows XP Service Pack 3

epsi writes: "Windows XP SP 3 probably in 2008 — MS had a Roadmap in his recent Partner-Mag — and there was mentioned that a Service Pack 3 for Windows XP will be available in 2008..propably not the end of XP now? ;)"

Submission + - Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

pile0nades writes: "Orbiter is a Free As In Beer space flight sim. Ever wanted a game where you can fly to LEO, the Moon, Mars or whereever else you want? This is it, and it's done with realistic physics too. You can rendezvous and dock with ISS, reenter and land at Cape Canaveral. You can plot a course for Mars or any other planet using the TransX display. And there's no load screen between planets either. What's cool about this though, is if you go to Mars, you don't have to sit there for 6 months. There's a time acceleration feature that speeds up time by up to 100,000 x realtime (1 day goes by in less than a second), reducing the trip time to just a few minutes. It includes the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the futuristic DeltaGlider space plane, and the powerful cargo ship Shuttle-A (no relation to the Space Shuttle) as flyable ships, plus the tiny ShuttlePB (small personal ship) and the Dragonfly (for moving cargo and space station parts). Orbiter also has a huge number of addon ships and mods. Popular addons include the DeltaGliderIV, an advanced version of the stock DeltaGlider; OrbiterSound, which provides background and engine sounds; the Firefly from the movie Serenity; OuterPlanets, which adds many small moons of the outer planets not included in the base install. And yes, there's a Pluto addon too. For managing addon installs, I use the simple JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler."

Submission + - Microsoft and Novell, the real deal

polterguy writes: "Microsoft's first objective about the deal was probably to divide the Open Source Community into smaller easier managenable fractions just like the British did in Africa and India a couple of decades ago. It's imperative that we don't fall for this strategy and remains as a united force instead of starting debates about semantics and details. Don't let Microsoft play Divide and Conquer with us and victimize us down to to history lessons! Be the message not the messenger! Read the rest at Microsoft and Novell, the real deal!"

Submission + - Virtual police investigations haunt Second Life

destinyland writes: "Police in three countries are considering sexual assault investigations into the virtual worlds of Second Life. But today its undaunted developers released "Sculpted Prims," which allow even more realistic shapes and textures in-world using both Quicktime and Flash. This article about complaints shows the press keeps finding bad news to report ("Virtual bombs launched on ABC, Reebok") even while virtual communities continue to grow. (The Maldive Islands and Sweden are even opening official embassies in the virtual world.) The real bad news is the gameworld will be offline for six hours Wednesday while they try to repair bugs."

Submission + - The Political Battle Between Intel and OLPC

An anonymous reader writes: CoolTechZone.com's Gundeep Hora publishes his frustration about the political hoopla and bickering between Intel and OLPC and questions their intentions. "I can understand Intel's back-and-forth stance for OLPC. It's a company stuffed with ironies and typical corporate behavior. Can you blame them? What about Negroponte, though? He appears to be a little too obsessed with the project and his fame with the way he's lashing out at Intel. It's evident from the comments he has made how clueless he is about business and the way companies work, especially in a cutthroat industry. Surprisingly enough, Intel is eerily calm about his public outcries.
Linux Business

Submission + - How Low Cost PCs Are Harming Linux

toms writes: An article on MadPenguin.org discusses why low cost PCs are harming Linux and its reputation with beginners. From the article, "As much as I hate to say it, in some cases, yes. Low end PCs built with decent distribution did give some users ill feelings about Linux as a whole because they attributed their hardware woes to the unknown. Perhaps the saddest part of all of this is that many vendors are still doing this. To be kind, I'm not going to name names. I will allow pricing to prove my point instead. Again, I have no issues with PC sellers who wish to distribute Linux to those interested in using it, I'm just concerned about the sensitive branding that Linux (all distributions collectively) receives when someone runs out to purchase a really cheap machine.

Submission + - Scientists discover radiation-eating fungi

amigoro writes: "Scientists have discovered that fungi are able to eat radiation, and since ionizing radiation is prevalent in outer space, astronauts might be able to rely on fungi as an inexhaustible food source on long missions or for colonizing other planets. Just as the pigment chlorophyll converts sunlight into chemical energy that allows green plants to live and grow, our research suggests that melanin can use a different portion of the electromagnetic spectrum — ionizing radiation — to benefit the fungi containing it, the researchers explain."

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