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Comment This will work! (Score 1) 239

This will definitely work. They won't even need to resort to a filter. I'm sure that all of the teenagers, who are just learning to swear, will see the newly published rules and follow the rules. The culture of the internet will accept such a proposal, much in the same way that we have chosen to always post well reasoned, researched contributions.

Comment Re:Don't forget Apple (Score 1) 321

The issue is not that its different. The primary problem that I have is that it wastes a massive chunk of my *vertical* screen space. I'm sure they had a reason, but why not have a option to change back to horizontal tabbing? Difficulty of making it display when you still end with a rectangular 'canvas view' in the middle is a laughable excuse. Vertical Screen space is not something that should be wasted and anytime poor UI design is forced upon the end user without an option to revert people will complain. Haven't seen it? Try it out, It's disgusting.

Submission + - Intel's Core Architecture Stumbles

An anonymous reader writes: For the last year, the Intel Core 2 Duo architecture has been unstoppable. Recently, FiringSquad took a look at a 3GHz 8-core Xeon system. They show how 8-core improves performance across a wide range of applications, including Excel 2007! However, in several "embarassingly parallel" real-world applications, memory bandwidth is a significant limitation, with 8 cores offering minimal improvement over 4 cores. In that same benchmark, an AMD Opteron continues to scale well to 16 processors!
The Internet

Submission + - BitTorrent President Responds to Ohio U. P2P Ban

P2P watcher writes: Ashwin Navin, president of BitTorrent, weighs in on the ban on P2P at Ohio U...
"By instituting this ban, Ohio University has demonstrated a serious lack of understanding of P2P technology's value and role on the Internet. Furthermore, the school has closed its doors to innovation and shirked its responsibilities as an educational institution." sity/2010-1027_3-6181676.html?

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