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Comment I'll say it (Score 1) 139

Now do it on about 20 Watts while still having the robustness and flexibility of a human brain.
Let's not lose sight of how beating someone in a complex task doesn't equate to what humans intelligence.

Don't get me wrong, though, this is an impressive point we've reached in technology.

Comment Microsoft marketing at it's typicalist (Score 1) 147

Microsoft is making a valid point why people should not buy any XBOX units until Scorpio because that upcoming model is going to be much better than the XBOX of today. This is the same philosophy that appeals to people who want to wait many years to get the next best thing... not a major portion of the buying public this Holiday season.

Sony is saying that what they have today is better than what they had last year and they think it's great.

Despite the marketing, when you're playing the games, you're not counting pixels, you're looking at image quality. For example, even though these consoles use modelling shortcuts instead of real-time ray-tracing, the image quality is sufficient. And people that want a console now don't feel the need to wait for many potential image quality improvements.

So which message will appear most compelling to someone shopping for a console this year?
To me, it seems that Microsoft is shooting it's Holiday sales in the foot.

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