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Comment Trust and care (Score 1) 234

This won't help or change anything, but I have to chip in with this thought.

1. Treat your employees like human beings and pay them well so they don't have the incentive to steal from you
2. Hire people you trust. If you don't trust your employees, fire them and hire ones you trust. If you don't trust anyone: write your code yourself.

But most importantly : think about why you cannot trust your employees.

I worked at environments where security guards (more like bodyguard types) were looking over your shoulder all the time. I also worked in banking where
This is not a way to spend 8+ hours a day.

More to the topic:

Develop APIs with a trusted in-house team. Have your contractors work with those APIs ... Might or might not work in your case/code/environment/project.

Comment Re:The only way to beat TPB (Score 1) 55

Your alternative:

Books. Yes I am a jerk saying this, but if you are on a budget: read. You can buy 5-10-15 HOURS of entertainment on Amazon and legally for 0.99, 4.99 and 0-day bestsellers for $10-15 tops.

And yes... I understand the point ... Call of Duty X for an other 59 + 2-3 DLCs for an other 10-15 is a JOKE. And people only buy it because other people buy it so you have people to play with... I stopped that vicious circle a long time ago...

Comment Re:Unenforceable laws (Score 2) 55

It is more than just the ticket price:

1. some people don't like the movies - I for one hate sitting in a crowd at a less than perfect audio spot where I cannot pause/rewind the movie. On top of that people lately go there to eat loud and stinky things instead of watching the darn movie

2. I learned to hate DVDs : I paid for the damn thing, so I don't want to wait through 5 10s green/blue/red notices/warnings, then have to be forced all the trailers.
Yes, that's right, just want to go to the kids room, put the stupid disk in and press play. This is not possible.

3. not happy with digital purchases: if you leave abroad, (not in the US) Netflix, Amazon, Apple has various content restrictions.
That's one thing. The other is the format: can I just have my mkv/mp4 file, not tied to iTunes, a web browser, a Netflix player.

Also; some people don't have 10-100-1000 Mbit connections - I for one have 3 x 4Mbit lines stitched together (spillover or first load) , because where I live there is no connection available that's faster than 4Mbit. So I can download something overnight, then I can put it on my Raspberry/PC/Mac Mini or my Android tablet and watch it there. If I start to stream a: it is shit quality b: buffering c: ruin the net for other tasks

But this might be just me. I am more than happy to pay for content. E.g. I would pay 2x the money for a .flac audio file, than buy crappy mp3 from iTunes/Amazon.
I would also rather download a series episode, than watch it on Sky. So is it piracy? I have the sky sub, with the the actual thing playing, I just cannot make myself sit there at 7pm every Thursday, then watch a 20 minute show in 40 minutes, filled with ads for stuff I am not interested in ...

Comment Re:Darknet.. (Score 1) 55

True, according to the docs/site you can run it through i2p, but tor advises against it... maybe it is time to try it....

An interesting concept (that has a TPB start page on it) is Zeronet; blockchain based hosting where even the SQL database is in the blockchain. Not sure how it would scale .. sure the demo is cool, but I don't see how gigabytes of pr0n would fit into there...

Comment Re: Darknet.. (Score 2) 55

I don't think it is as dark as you see it. I tend to search Google and do part of my research (for work) more and more from a TOR browser. Not because I do anything wrong, just because I don't want every search to be registered with my Google account (and who knows who else's cookies are in there anyway).

The other thing is: if every household would run a full TOR node (not exit, just run TOR or i2P all the time), it would also make traffic a lot less suspicious.

For Average Joe: call it "TBP secure browser" ... or whatever catchy English name. They can visit their Torrent portal, plus have some pre-bookmarked sites (Duckcuck Go, Risup, etc) to show what else is there.

To a certain degree I agree with you though: people hear "darknet" and they think you are doing something wrong. Maybe people who understand the idea and the tech behind could do a little better to make them understand, that it is not just illegal stuff there, it is also a tool not to expose them 24/7 to surveillance... I don't even mean NSA, I mean Google/Facebook/Yahoo/MS and their advertisers and the data miners who allow companies to look up your arse 24/7.

And again: I don't mind Facebook showing me a shoe ad because I searched "Mountain bike shoes" on Amazon. However, I would mind a company not giving me a contract because I searched "drone hacking" on Google.... because they won't understand the difference between "hacking a military drone" or "hacking a $200 quad-rotor to have decent RC control instead of the iphone wifi" ....
That search attached to your profile would also make any TSA inspector crawl up in your butt in no time too ... but that's just one example ... you only have to get into some kind of investigation, where they find you searched "how to make a body disappear" ... only because you saw Dexter and wondered if the chemical mentioned would really dissolve hair and teeth into liquid....

Could continue the stupid examples all day to demonstrate how something harmless could turn against you because everything is logged and attached to your accounts instantly, but it is not you I have to convince, it is Average Joe who should be made aware of these.


Comment Darknet.. (Score 1) 55

I do understand, that darknet (i2p, TOR/onion) is still a science fiction for "Average Joe", whose interest is downloading his daily porn and series episodes.

Maybe this is the perfect time to put the 'bay on the deep web and just stop this domain BS. Average Joe will have to use tor2web or install a browser to get his fix. He will (might) also learn about alternatives to Gmail and Hotmail and just browsing in the wide open.

I am not suggesting that the torrent traffic would go through the darknet, just that the torrent sites move in there and this whole domain crap goes away.

I am not advocating piracy, or tell anyone to do anything illegal, I just don't get how something (deemed) illegal doesn't move to a domain-less medium where it belongs. That's all...

Comment Big monitor? (Score 1) 567

In reality what you might be looking for is a decent size monitor. I worked for a while on an iMac (29 or 27 or whatever the biggest was 3 years ago) ... and with a portrait 19 Dell it was pretty good. I had all the code on the iMac, and site + firebug or 3 terminals (running console apps on servers) were on the dell.

Currenty I am running 3x 23 1080p monitors and I feel your pain. The monitors have no decent mount and so I am stuck in a "widescreen gaming" setup for now.

I actually have a 3x23'' 1080p linux desktop, and 3 macs on 3 other monitors for work. I have communications on one (mail, office, skype, etc), some house controls on the other (music player/etc) ... and one for web testing for web projects (or monitoring interfaces for non-web daemons/servers).... In addition I have a 1080p 42 inch TV with a mac mini in the office for video/music playback (tube amp for music and DTS for movies) ...

It is a little overkill, but I never have a "where do I put this window so I can always see it" problem :) .. works well if you both run servers and write code....

Switching between windows is really a time waster multitasker process interrupting horror. Easier to say "these 2 are for terminals, these are for netbeans, and the big one is where the site is tested in 4 different browsers"

BUT ...

However, what I am really looking forward to is a price drop on the 4K TVs. a 46''-ish 4K would get rid of multiple cards, converters, eyefinity, xinerama, and all the shit that complicates life on both OSX/ Linux / Windows.

Comment And that killed the whole article (Score 2) 115

" Moreover, the popular anonymization network "Tor" can do little to guarantee Bitcoin user's anonymity, since it can be blocked easily"....

What does this sentence even mean?

Bitcoin (Litecoin, Maxcoin, *coin (ok, most) ) can use a proxy. This proxy can go through TOR, I2P, 55 VPNs zig-zagging over the globe.

Bitcoin is Anonymous as you don't need to provide your identity. All transactions are however public: visible in the blockchain. It is like imagining a big mess of encrypted emails that everyone hosts on their machines, but you can only read the ones (spend bitcoins from) you have the key for.

Did I mention: you don't need to run a full node, and you can also use an on-line wallet.

Simple recipe:
1. mine some bitcoins
2. get a VPN
3. Use the VPN to get a free email address (google, riseup or else)
4. Use the VPN to get a VPS hosting
5. set up TOR on VPS hosting (hidden service)
6. and/or set up I2P on VPS hosting (eepsite)
7. Install Bitcoin, Litecoin, *Coin on the machine and run a full node through the VPN, TOR, I2P or combination of them
8. Use the VPN, TOR, I2P (or a combination of them) to access the machine where
9. Use the command line interface to send funds
10. Use any of the libraries to write your own web service to talk to the daemons to manage your funds

There ... find the IP where it came from.... found it ?

Rinse, repeat:

1. buy raspberry PI
2. buy throw-away anonymous SIM online (through VPN, I2P, TOR, with bitcoins)
3. install TOR, VPN, I2P, solar panel, gsm modem, Bitcoind, *coind on raspberry PI
4. Take a long ride from home where there is still reception, climb a tree/rock/old building/tower. Install it there ...

Found my IP ?

and so on ...

Or did they mean: if you just run a full node from home and accidentally connect to one of their servers they propagate, they can see where the transaction was coming from the first time ?
bitcoind --printtoconsole

Comment Re:Audio books (Score 1) 262

After trying to get the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy from Audible ($30+/pop) and realising that most of the author's books are not available in my country (stupid)...
I figured, that I could buy the same books on dvds. MP3 format, not linked to any Audible or other account, and for $10 or less. Tantor media.

I also don't like physical formats and CD/DVD is the ultimate nightmare for me (I have one working cd drive remaining in my MBP) but with this pricing you can get 3-4 books for the price of the audible one.

Just got Thirteen (Black) and Market Forces, $10 shipped too:O

Comment Re:Tiniest violin (Score 1, Insightful) 292

Except for the people who don't own a single optical drive. Not trolling, Being an Apple user first I freaked out. Then now back to Linux and somehow don't miss them. So when I put a server and a desktop machine together, I didn't put an optical drive in them at all.

I think the right way to do it is to give users a bootable USB drive. Or offer the download with a utility to make a drive bootable.

I have probably 50 driver CDs in a shelf I never opened and this plastic nonsense has to end right now.

my 2c ...

Comment Re:Tiniest violin (Score 1) 292

You seem to have a different experience I run OCZ in 3 24/7 machines ( 2 OS/x 1 linux) ... the only SSD drive that failed on me was on my Macbook Air, and it was a Samsung, and it was a "freeze, then all data gone and drive unrecognisable" nasty failure (thanks Apple for time machine, really) ...

The OCZ drives are Vertex 4 and Agility 3 drives (latter in the Linux box, crunching data all day, writing to a mysql db non-stop - data collection app) ..

I am happy with the drives, but would double-think getting a Samsung or Kingston (knowing the filed drive and the total crap quality of several sticks I own)...

Comment Kinesis Advantage with buzzer (Score 2) 77

I wonder what this little app would do with the keyboard I am typing on. First of all, it is a mechanical keyboard with cherry MX browns. Second, I have the "buzzer" function on that simulates "clicky"-ness, since it is not a real clicking switch (though tactile) like e.g. the blue one or the real buckled ones.

I am not saying it would work better or worse, just curious if it would work on a Kinesis and how much the "clicker" and the totally odd shape of the keyboards would disrupt the functionality.

Anyway.... my phone is usually on airplane mode when I enter the house and is redirected to a landline that has an Asterisk box on it... then the Asterisk box' FXO is carefully disconnected, so no calls in, no calls out:). That's the way I like to handle phones and phone calls.

Comment Mine it (Score 2) 125

That is why I mine crypto currencies with my graphics card 24/7 and liquid cool them.

The overclocking burns the malware out, then the distilled water flushes it out. My 99.8% pure silver kill coil takes care of any remaining parasites - just in case the UV lighting didn't burn them to death already....

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