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Comment as a customer (Score 1) 446

I am happy with phone size(phoblet, LG G3) What I want - better battery life. I don't actually mind if phone gets slightly thicker for battery life. I DON'T want phone that doesn't have 3.5 jack. In this economy I don't have MONEY for new 170$ headphones. I am happy with my relatively not shitty quality wired headphones from Senheiser. Got warranty for 3 years from them.(yep, paid for extra warranty, but in period of a year already changed it once) Thank you Samsung, but no, thank you.

Comment finally (Score 1) 250

Windows will have a taste of it's own medicine. This bullsh** with all security features that disables Linux from being installed, is now biting back. I am also glad that ASUS got this in their face. Disclaimer, using ASUS motherboard ATM(gift from friend, when I was unemployed, and my previous mobo died on me, due to me moving to different county)

Comment native speaker here... (Score 4, Interesting) 115

Shebang is under Linux management. Can have LibreOffice + FireFox + many other programs. It can act as thin client. It's compatible with some GOST standards of encryption(similar standard to ISO in EU) It has capability of connecting specific Russia manufactured USB devices used for encryption. It has 2 ethernet ports, 21,5' Display, 2-8 Gigs of RAM, 4 USB2.0 ports, has opportunity to connect SSD and memory cards(card reader I guess),

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