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Comment Hypocrites (Score 0) 86

I love how Russians complain about the exact same things they do - they've systematically annexed parts of bordering countries, then complain that said countries start strengthening their NATO ties/ambitions or engage in military exercises. They go and block Wikipedia then allege the US suppresses free speech. 70% people live in abysmal conditions and poverty and all Pukin does is brag every year about how well the country has done yet again, and how democratic the elections are, when it's been the same fucking guy for the last 20 years.

I have one thing to say - let Russia get hacked to shit.

Comment Sounds like Free vaccination... (Score 1, Insightful) 280

Anti-vaxxers (which I know are literally non-existent on /.) need not read further. I think exposure to most new pathogens is likely what keeps our immune systems training, learning and ultimately healthy. Plus a bit of mild diarrhoea is a good cleanser ;) Seriously though, I imagine those going to the Olympics will have received their respective vaccinations well in advance. Otherwise, you might find consolation in the fact that Brazilians swim, drink, (have lots of sex with everything and anything) - and are doing ah-OK. * {usual disclaimer stuff here}

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