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Comment Re:Rule of thumb on Israel (Score 1) 338

What's wrong with being anti-JEW? The Jews are the ones responsible for most of the suffering on earth.

Could your provide some numbers to establish this as a fact? I would be delighted to see if this in fact is the case. If this is true though, then we know at least who are the right people to confront? I mean, we've been pointlessly killing each other since the beginning of modern human civilization, so..

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 868

Thats the most ridiculous thing any mac fanboy has ever said in times. Lockdown?
I have a PC. I wanted something different. I Installed Linux Ubuntu and now I'm having fun. If i think linux sucks i will install solaris the next day and move on.
You and your scalable MAC OSX will fit the bill of a rich boys wallet who does not know what to do with all the money.
I Built a slightly top end machine a year back. AMD x64 Dual Core, 4 GB Ram + 512 MB Graphics card, 1 TB Disk. I run Vista X64 with all hell and horns turned on, run Lightroom, CS3, VMWare, Virtual Server and run several machines on it at the same time. I've not had any driver issues because i dont buy cheap crap korean hardware peripherals that come with good drivers. I've never had malware/virus because i run a good FREE (free as in beer) avast antivirus and don't do stupid things like click on crap and download crap from the web.
FYI, i also own a zune and a playforsure MP3 player that runs WinXP Compact edition, just fine. iRiver sells Windows based MP3 players. There are shit loads of smart devices like Mobile Phones, PDA's and Consoles that run Windows Mobile 6 edition which in fact is a FULL BLOWN pocket OS from microsoft, modular enough to run on these devices. Gives you the same app functionalities. IE, Windows media player, WinZip, Office etc.,
What about Mac? Don't you guys need to update hardware too ? Of course you had to! Power PC to Intel. Then more hardware for panther, more for running apps like photoshop. Apple charges SHIT LOADS for accessories. Why? Because they are a MONOPOLY, VENDOR LOCK IN and no one else can sell peripherals for your Mac computer.
I live in a free world. I run windows on a PC. When i hate windows i run linux and when i hate linux something else. How about you? Try installing linux on a Mac box and think of tech support when things break down.

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