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Submission + - Can WORA Be Better Than Native?

digiti writes: Shai Almog (who Slashdot mentioned before) has posted a manifesto to the O'Reilly programmers blog where he suggest that the mantra of "native is best" isn't always true. As a vendor of a WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere) tool he is obviously biased but does he have a point?

Comment You don't need a study when you have the devices (Score 1) 106

The article mostly agrees with what Drew said with very few exceptions. The article points at Asha devices (and other devices) that have very small amounts of memory (2mb) and yet perform really well with a GC (and a slow CPU).
The GC study pointed in the Drew article was a desktop study taken out of context.

Submission + - Former Sun Mobile JIT Engineers Take On Mobile JavaScript/HTML Performance

digiti writes: In response to Drew Crawford's article about JavaScript performance, Shai Almog wrote a piece providing a different interpretation for the performance costs (summary: its the DOM not the script). He then gives several examples of where mobile Java performs really well on memory constrained devices. Where do you stand in the debate?

Comment Can they maybe start by fixing gmail search first! (Score 1) 303

Come on... I have the word XYZ and search for XY it won't find it. Won't let me sort search results or apply really elaborate search filters beyond by date.
If I have an attachment and a vague recollection of the email its about as good as gone, I have to remember the exact spelling used within the email.

If it was another company I would let sleeping dogs lie but this is f'ing Google. Their web search is SOOO good and improving all the time, that makes the gmail search so ridiculously outdated in comparison. Their recent changes to search just added more information but didn't actually solve the core problem of "it doesn't work...".

Comment Agreed (Score 2) 212

Despite the comments who pick on the Iacocca example (not familiar with that) Schmidt is remarkably technical for a CEO (former Sun CTO with a T) which is really rare. TOR was not something that would be interesting to him, they are doing big data, search mobile and many other things that he needs to understand. TOR would be just general knowledge for a guy who does more than most of us do every day.

Comment Unfortunately terrorists are often engineers (Score 1) 416

They aren't stupid, they understand that terrorism works. E.g. in Israel we had a peace process that was going relatively well between the left wing and the PLO. So the Hamas started blowing up buses and the peace process died. Hamas which was marginalized before used that collapse (and rise of Israeli right wing that resulted) to take over Gaza strip after the fact.
So terrorists can come from a very weak position and manipulate public opinion very effectively. E.g. before 911 no one cared much about Bin Laden, now the "arab spring" is turning into religious governments who shape more after Iran than after the USA... As engineers they are remarkably effective at manipulating us (or really the dumber element of our society)


Submission + - Why Oracle won't issue Java for iOS anytime soon (

digiti writes: "They say that today all companies are software companies. In less than 5 years all companies will be mobile companies. So why isn't Oracle "getting it", why aren't they on the iPhone, on Android and even Windows Phone?
This post tries to answer that from the perspective of a former insider that talks about the DNA difference between Sun and Oracle with details that weren't discussed previously. Will Oracle suddenly flip on mobile like they did on cloud computing?"


Submission + - Codename One Hits 1.0 Claims Native Speed Cross Platform (

digiti writes: The Codename One open source project just announced a 1.0 version, in their post they claim native performance levels from this Java based toolkit. It seems that some people are pretty excited about it and it seems to work on Linux too.
How does this project hold up against native toolkits, HTML5 and the other options out there? Does this even matter now that we have mostly a 2 horse race in the smartphone field?

Comment Re:Glassfish is a Must-Have for Oracle (Score 1) 234

The main issues with FX are the same as those people have with ActionScript. The language is reasonable as a scripting language to tie things together but it feels very odd for most Java developers. Unlike action script you don't get the advantage of the amazing GUI tools Adobe offers.

Web start seems simple when creating hello world, NetBeans gets you started with a self signed JWS version. For production you will need a proper certificate which is harder but doable. Then there is the issue of pack.gz with its odd special case servlet (don't get me started on that one). Then you have the issues of HTTPs deployments not working for some people and the multiple incompatibilities between JWS versions installed which occur when someone has a corporate PC with a specific version of Java installed.
There are lots of issues some summed up here for older versions:

Newer versions of JWS (Java 6u10) broke different things but didn't really fix lots of the long standing issues. Most people using JWS just got burned one time too many.

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