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Submission + - Netflix makes up their mind a little too late. (

digitallystoned writes: "Netflix has decided to give up the Qwikster brand and keep it all in house.. Funny, they make this decision after losing Starz On Demand, raising the prices on DVD and streaming plans, and actually enforcing a streaming limit. Can't they learn from the Facebook community that change isnt always a good thing?"

Submission + - Lenovo to offer $200 budget tablet (

khellendros1984 writes: Amazon's not the only big-name company planning on a budget-level tablet release; Lenovo recently announced their Ideapad A1 tablet as competition. It includes a 1GHz Cortex A8 CPU, along with other features more commonly seen on higher-priced tablets, such as dual cameras, bluetooth, GPS, wifi, and a MicroSD slot. Is this the start of the Android tablet price avalanche?

Submission + - Sony Attacks Microsoft's Publishing Policies (

winston18 writes: Sony’s vice president of publisher relations has went on record as saying that Microsoft is protecting an inferior technology with their policies regarding content on Xbox Live Arcade and multiplatform titles. The comments stem from Microsoft’s admission that they reserve the right to deny titles on Xbox Live if they launch on the Playstation Network first.

Submission + - Weak typing - the lost art of the keyboard (

mikejuk writes: How do you type? Hunt and peck? Two thumbs? Touch type? Two thumbs touch type?
For the first time since the computer was invented the standard QWERTY keyboard is challenged by new ways of inputing text. And yet even the iPad virtual keyboard has two useless dimples on the F and J keys. Perhaps it isn't time to give up on the home keys just yet.


Submission + - Intel and AMD May Both Delay Next-Generation CPUs (

MojoKid writes: "AMD and Intel are both preparing to launch new CPU architectures between now and the end of the year, but rumors have surfaced that suggest the two companies may delay their product introductions, albeit for different reasons. Various unnamed PC manufactures have apparently reported that Intel may push back the introduction of its Ivy Bridge processor from the end of 2011 to late Q1/early Q2 2012. Meanwhile on the other side of the CPU pasture, there are rumors that AMD's Bulldozer might slip once again. Apparently AMD hasn't officially confirmed that it shipped its upcoming server-class Bulldozer products for revenue during August. This is possible, but seems somewhat unlikely. The CPU's anticipated launch date is close enough that the company should already know if it can launch the product."

Comment Re:My code works better (Score 2, Insightful) 233

I think the biggest problem with programming is the number of programmers involved and the size of the project. It's really the testing group/QA departments job to catch the bugs. I listen to music while i work, granted I install network hardware, but it makes the day go by faster and seems to be more productive than listening to the phone ring or staring at the wall for hours on end. I think that programmers are given too much crap. They may make coding errors, but they are human. Another set of eyes on any project makes things a bit easier. As much as I hate OpenBSD, they have a descent system. They take code, review it, and then post it to their distro. It may take them forever to get to that point, but at least its reviewed. Programs would be so much better if there was a better source. I'm sure this is offtopic so yeah....I forgot where i was going with this, its quiet in the office.

Comment Good for them. (Score 5, Insightful) 258

Kudos to Craigslist. Sex sells. They have done more than they should have to prevent this kind of activity on their site. The way I see it, they are keeping officers employed by busting the prostitutes and the people who use their services. Its a personal choice if you choose to use the services. they control their content but honestly stopping craigslist from have an adult section is gonna do absolutely nothing to stop prostitution in cities. There are plenty of other websites such as backpage or citypages that do the same exact thing at no charge and I've yet to see any of them make the news. The claim that the "prosititute" was killed because she posted on craigsiist is bogus. She's the one taking the chance by sleeping around and she'd do it whether or not craigslist existed or not. It's about time someone grew a pair and stood up to the corrupt legislatures in this country and told them to politely f*ck off.

Comment Re:Court first then cut. (Score 1) 263

Steps to sign new law into office:

1) RIAA greases legislators with millions to get them to pass the damn thing.

2) ISPs are forced to implement packet sniffing, thus decreasing the speed of the internet with new filtering bottlenecks.

3) All torrents go encrypted so sniffers dont know the difference between legitimate traffic and p2p.

3a) torrents start using TOR or i2p connections so other peoples shit gets disconnected.

4) RIAA gets fucked anyway along with the crappy economy in the US.

5) I'm still not buying the record, screw them.

either way they are gonna loose the revenue they think they should be getting. I'd rather go see a concert than buy a CD personally, just raise the ticket prices and people would still go. I dont agree that people should be ripping off music but until MP3 players only work with itunes or other online tools then this is always gonna be a problem. Someones always gonna loose money. they've been losing money since 8 track tapes, they just need to deal with it.

Comment Re:The desktop is dead (Score 4, Interesting) 1365

The future is web based. Endless bloat, inefficient javascript and the latency of accessing remote systems. Why will people accept such a system? because a lot of people never learned to use a desktop, they learned how to use a web browser. Anything outside the web browser looks complicated to them.

I'll agree to an extent that Linux isnt a good desktop OS for people who are Windows nuts. I have used Linux for the past 4 years on a regular basis and there is a huge learning curve. Linux is great for the server environment and it blows Windows Server out of the water when it comes to ease of use and setup. As far as web browsers, theres a lot of kiosk companies that are running Linux with Windows as the guest os on their machines and taking care of a lot of issues that used to plague remote admin work for distributed computing platforms. Anything you can do in Linux can be done in Windows. Windows also has about 30 years of end-user time on Linux. I know it wasn't really adopted by a lot of my customers as a viable server until 2001-2002 time frame.

There is also the fact that web-based is the new way of making money from software. No piracy since its mostly server-side, lace it with ads and nobody complains about adware. Give it a few years and ads will no longer be served up by dedicated domains you can easily block.

I agree completely. Linux will always be there for the server backend platforms. Linux is great for serving the content. Look at its use in routers and embedded solutions. You couldn't get Windows bloatware to run nearly as effective as Linux does in small environments. I think Linux will overall end up winning in the server platforms in the long run. I'd take a linux server over a windows box anyday of the week just because of reliability. If you have the slightest clue how to setup a basic LAMP then Linux is the way to go. I don't think we need to push Linux to the desktop because people just expect it to work. I spend a lot of time in linux IRC rooms and i see a lot of newbs come in with basic questions that you could get by reading a howto. MS has made Windows so simple that switching to another OS other than a Mac would be hard for them. The other issue i have are the asshole hardcore linux guys that refuse to help people. I think thats really what keeps people away from Linux is because the community doesn't listen nor are they really worried about getting a larger userbase. There are some guys out there that help out where they can, and people appreciate the little bit of help.. In windows getting from A to B is clicking a few buttons. The same process in Linux could be from A to Z with every step needing to be complete and one error throws off the entire process. Until we as a community can stand up and be helpful and supportive and work with developers insteading of blaming them for the problems then Linux won't make it to the desktop and even hold water. Personally any chance I get I load a linux livecd and do what I need to do because for me its easier, but until its easy like Windows then we arent going to get anywhere.
The Internet

How To Supplement Election Coverage? 241

An anonymous reader asks "What information sources and social networking sites will you be using to supplement the election coverage on TV next Tuesday? I am ready with a big HDTV with Comcast, a Mac mini, and and an Xbox 360. I also have two laptops (one good for websites and one for streaming video), an old-school Blackberry, a 'regular' cell phone, a Nokia N810, a Squeezebox, and finally Sirius Satellite Radio. Which websites should I watch for live county results? I already know about the Twitter Vote Report for tracking and reporting voting issues and I already watch 'CNN Reporters' on Friendfeed for the national flair. What other Twitter accounts should I follow? Which urgent ones should I send to my phones? Which YouTube accounts or keywords I should subscribe to in Miro? What are the most popular sites for posting 'on-scene' videos — iReport, Flickr, something else? I know most local Fox affiliates are great about streaming, but is there a page that lists all of the streams, in case I need to quickly focus on one city or area? Basically, how would you configure all those gadgets?" This reader might find some guidance in what to focus on from a video produced by reader (and data modeler) Bruce Nash that lays out a predicted timeline for when the media will call each state, depending on when the polls close and how tight each race is expected to be.

Doom9 Researchers Break BD+ 345

An anonymous reader writes "BD+, the Blu-ray copy protection system that was supposed to last 10 years, has now been solidly broken by a group of doom9 researchers. Earlier, BD+ had been broken by the commercial company SlySoft." Someone from SlySoft posts a hint early in the thread, but then backs off for fear of getting fired. The break is announced on page 15.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Nethack Recover Utility for OS X?

brentyl2 writes: "I fear you've been there with me... cruising through the Dungeons of Doom, slaying critters left and right, cleaning out Ludios and the castle and getting ready for Gehemmon. Your Wizard is level 16 and counting, Magicbane is at +2 and Mjollnir is at +7, and things are looking good. And then... Nethack crashes. Help!

I have poked around online, and I cannot find a Recover utility for Nethack 3.4.3 on Mac OS X. Any ideas? I have all the character files in the Nethack folder, so it may be recoverable. A cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor for any useful links. Thanks!"

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