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Comment Think J Edgar... (Score 1) 363

More importantly, why is a member of Congress more important that I am?

While I tend to agree with that sentiment in principal, illegal spying on people of power is in fact a huge problem for all of us...having "dirt" on everyone was a big part of what kept an insane fucking megalomaniac like J. Edgar Hoover in a position of unspeakable power for so long. We sure don't need more of that.

Comment Re:All guns are dangerous... (Score 3, Insightful) 976

Not as dangerous as lecturers at public universities. I think I will write an app that allows you to geotag your local professors, track their license plates, and give you hints and tips on how to heckle them and ruin their lives for doing things that you may or may not agree with.

Exactly...and who's deciding who these "suspected" unsafe gun owners are? Sounds like nothing better than a malicious rumor mill app to me. Let's just start something similar for everyone we think is a closet alcoholic or the like...I mean FFS...

Because its not like you couldn't call the police if people are doing unsafe things with guns. In a lot of places there are laws about the safe handling of weapons.

Exactly!...instead we have people with a clear anti-gun agenda taking a total vigilante approach to this...oh the irony.

Comment Be thankful if you DON'T need a KVM (Score 1) 312

Sorry if this hijacks the posters question a little...but it's the first thing that came to mind when I saw the topic. I'm not sure if others have found the same, but in cases where I've needed a KVM, including my current setup at home, I've spent what seems like man years of my life screwing with KVMs. A KVM that does NOT totally suck is an animal that does NOT exist.

My current setup works with many quirks that constantly screw with me, and it took forever to get to this point. I went through two KVMs that were totally unusable for various reasons...stuck keys in Linux only(??) name it. When I finally got one that seemed to play nicely I discovered that it didn't work with my T43 Thinkpad docking station. I found other users that had encountered the same issue with this switch ONLY on the T43 docking station...unbelievable. Believe it or not, just for the hell of it, I tried putting one of the bad KVMs (that I'd kept too long to return) in between my working one and the T43 and it worked...only because the two switches used different hot keys. That's the kludgy setup I have to this day.

However that setup is all PS2, so now that I'm overdue to replace my Linux workstation, I get to do it all over again, or figure out how to live without the KVM. Seriously...has anyone else found this things to suck this bad???

Comment Re:So Proud of Gun Ownership (Score 1) 1232

Indeed. I don't understand why this is public information to begin with. It's no ones business what products I buy or own.

Absolutely. Why don't they just start for Christ's sake. With guns there's an even bigger concern given the attractiveness of guns to criminals. I don't think you need to be any sort of anti-gun-control fanatic to see the insanity in this one.

Comment Re:Good move. (Score 1) 180

I have a Linksys E1200 router and can verify first hand that it's a POS. Every few weeks it flakes out and some, but not all machines connected to it loose access to the network. It's on the newest firmware, and I even factory reset it and reconfigured everything as a last ditch attempt to address it. I had a bad feeling when when I went to upgrade the firmware and it prompted for which "hardware version" I had...1 or 2. Mine didn't indicate which, and it took a little doing to find it was "version 1". My take on that is that version 1 was the "defective hardware we should have replaced for free". Compete and utter junk. I made the mistake of confusing them with the Linksys of yesteryear...never again.

Comment What about non-factory jobs?? (Score 4, Interesting) 510

The whole premise of the article seems to assume that unions are exclusively about 1950s-like factory jobs. How about all those low paying service jobs out there? I don't see too many robots stocking shelves at Walmart. In decades gone by, in a large part due to unions, a guy who was willing to get up every day and go sweep floors at a factory could actually survive. Today's equivalent, those low paying service jobs, pay so little you're almost better off not working at all.

That's why unions are under attach these days...because a large chunk of corporate America is still dependent on a few jobs that they can't automate or outsource and, if unionized, might actually pay a fair wage...and we can't have that now can we??

Comment Re:Creates a near monopoly (Score 1) 268

If only it were just a 50 element array. Using Illinois as an example, each county and sometimes city have their own tax rates.

Amen to that.

A software company I used to work for had a customer in the aviation business...mostly airplane repair. When they did repairs for someone they had to charge all applicable taxes based on where the owner lived. They had a dedicated system to handle it which required regular updates. All in, it apparently handled thousands of special cases.

...and lets not forget...collecting the taxes is the easy part. Properly submitting them to the states etc for which you're collecting them with all the proper documentation makes that look easy.

Let's be clear: forcing businesses to collect all applicable taxes would effectively end Internet commerce for the little least for any who want to operate within the law.

Comment Re:This isn't devs listening (Score 3, Insightful) 197

OMFG!!...Some of the quotes etc in the essay from the GNOME folks are utterly beyond belief. I'm serious...I had no idea their attitudes had reached that state...and all the talk about "our brand"...WFT?? They've essentially become Microsoft FFS. After reading that I don't see how anyone who cares about Linux or open source would want anything other than to totally abandon, even boycott those folks...simply amazing.

Comment Re:MythTV (Score 1) 321

I didn't notice this when you originally replied. I'd say there's very little chance of that. You're probably not aware of the history of all that, but originally (owned by Tribune Media Services) had a free interface for their listings, but eventually announced that they could not continue to support it. As a result, Schedules Direct came about via a collaboration of MythTV and similar open source projects who worked out a deal with TMS. They pay Tribune Media Services for listing data, which is why they charge a small amount ($20 a year) for subscriptions. All in all, this is probably a decent revenue source for TMS. I'm not saying it's impossible for there to be a problem with it some day, but I think it's very unlikely.

Comment Glad I sold my HDD500 a long time ago (Score 1) 321

I had one of those HDD500 DVRs for recording HD OTA for quite some time and finally sold it (for almost as much as I paid for it) about 4-5 years ago after building my MythTV system.

While it generally was a pretty good recorder, and pretty much the only retail unit of it's kind, I grew to HATE that TV Guide OnScreen. That TV Guide system had essentially it's own firmware within the recorders firmware that was self updating...that is it would automatically update itself totally beyond your control from the OTA signal...and this didn't always go well. When the guide didn't work, the unit was essentially a paper weight for the very reason described in TFA...the assholes decided to give you NO way at all to manually set the fucking clock....a feature available in every fucking VCR made since the 80s, in a unit that retailed for over $1000...seriously??

Good riddance...gotta love MythTV and Schedules Direct!!

Comment Perhaps weather data isn't a priority to some(??) (Score 4, Interesting) 193

I'll probably get some troll points for this, but after watching the recent Frontline titled Climate of Doubt, I wonder if there aren't some pretty powerful forces out there that just plain don't want weather/climate data all that much. The interviews in that show seem to indicate that the big money behind that effort (which over the last four years has somehow convinced half of the U.S. population that man made climate change is a myth, while science has gone in the opposite direction), is way more about Ayn Randian ideology than science.

All pretty scary if you ask we're getting closer and closer to witch burning every day...

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