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Journal Journal: I really should write in this thing more often...

The subject really says it all... except for what I'm going to write about which wasn't covered in the subject.

... okay, that was a waste of space.

Been busy... very busy. A new activity? Joining and coming to terms with the Mac community.

This isn't actually to difficult as it has a similar feel to the Linux community. Though I would have to say that the level of ferver and devotion differs in intensity and direction.

So I am now a proud and exceedingly happy owner of an iBook.

It's very very white.

In typical fashion, I started using it by dumping as much stuff I could find for the Mac on it.

And when I was done wasting time, I started customizing it: Chobits Desktop Images.

And more customizations: Wireless Airport card.

And yet more: iTunes store and iPhoto pictures.

Somewhere between buying the iBook and now, I managed to get my home hooked up on 802.11b.

Did a bad bad thing.... I mixed brands. :)

My Tivo has a Linksys USB wireless module.

My Windows XP PRo system has a Netgear USB wireless module.

And my iBook has it's internal Airport card.

Sadly, my Linux system isn't participating since I ran low on funds(bills).

The good news: They all play nice together.

The bad news: My place's walls seem to be made out of lead. From my computer room to my living room, a distance of a mere 30', the signal strength was cut in half.

Wardriving around my place? Forget about it. Short of parking my car under my window, no signal gets out of my place further than about 15'. Now... someone with a pringles can... that's a different story. ;)

Waiting for my so-called 3g 1x phone.



Okay, bored...

Next project: wifi file server and print server. :) Let's get rid of more of those cables!

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Journal Journal: Interesting how things work out... ^_^;

Well, it's interesting how things work out. Just the other day, a friend of the guy who owns this deli cafe got in touch with me about the pics I took of their cafe.

Seems they were getting ready to do a website and just wanted access to the pictures I took..

In passing, he mentioned that when he was searching for the name of their cafe, my site came up. Probably the best news I've heard in a while since I was under the impression that my site didn't show up for anyone or anything. ^_^;;

I dunno. I guess it's just an odd feeling to start seeing one's site start to show up in engines and the like. But I guess the question really becomes... okay, now that I'm actually visible, somewhat, what am I supposed to do?

Eh. Maybe it's just been a long workweek or maybe I just haven't gotten much sleep of late, or that tax time is coming around the corner... but it just feels difficult to find worthwhile things to be happy about... and even when something happy and interesting happens, it just doesn't seem quite as sparkly as I thought it would.

It would be my GF who eventually points out that considering where I started(invisible) to now(relatively visible), I should be happy and continue the hard work.

Well, that picked me up pretty well and gives me some pretty good ideas of how to better improve my site. (Yes yes... I know... get those pictures online...)

Heh. I don't post enough journal entries... guess I'll alternate between my site's journals and the ones here. ^_^;

Oh! Happy Chinese New Years to everyone!!!

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Journal Journal: Back from New Year's Week....

wow... New Years was fun. tiring, but fun.

This year, on a crazy idea brought on by the fact that my gf had never been to Vegas... we decided to hit up Vegas for New Years.

It was... interesting. Traffic was horrible. Absolutely horrible. And bad drivers abound! ^_^;

Money Lost in Vegas to Gambling: $15

Between drunken revellers and the loud noises of gambling, Vegas culminated in a burst of fireworks and much cheering and rejoicing at the ringing in of the new year.

Picked up nicknacks and visite the various places...

Ate at one too many buffets... ^_^;;;

And managed to miss every single show. ;_;

But... before we knew it.. it was off to LA for the Auto Show down there. Lots and lots of cars.

The RX-8 was there... *drool* But unfortunately, because of the spinning platfom it was on and the bad light, my shots got blurred. ;_; ARG!!!

Well, in the next couple of weeks or so, I plan on having my car pics up on my site.

But it's good to be back and to see so many interesting topics on /. >:)

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Journal Journal: New Years... another rolling over of numbers, another list.. 5

Well, New Years is just around the corner. I think I've gotten quite a few things accomplished this past year... maybe not as many things as I would have liked. I dabbled in the Dot-Com thing... I have good health still, I'm getting to understand photography... I've got some new hobbies.

What should I resolve to do for next year though?

I guess my new resolutions will be for a better outlook on life. To finally put time into that violin that's been sitting in my closet ever since I bought it on Ebay. To put just a little more energy into my website. And maybe, to even make some money with some "realistic" business ideas. :)

I guess what's even more important than all of that is that I hope I will learn more about myself and my own potentials. That I Will be able to help another human being at least a few times more. That I will be able to better myself and encounter new friends as well as old friends in a new light.

The year itself is just another number. But the goals and the events from now till then and from then till the next time. They are the milestones I hope to be able to set and be guided by.

Happy New Years to everyone!

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Journal Journal: More /.'ing than I first intended. :) 9

Well, it's the weekend between Christmas and New Years. Freefall would describe my feelings in general. >:)

I've also noticed that I'm posting in Slashdot quite a bit more often than I had originally thought I would. Oh well, guess it's something to do.

Hopefully, the New Years will bring with it a more interesting(read: good) job market.

Till then, just gonna enjoy the weekend...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Still the first day

It is still the first day and well, filling up my profile information. Tedius and time consuming. I'd rather be taking pictures or reading something interesting.

Or, just typing randomly on my pages. ^_^; Guess that's pretty boring too.

User Journal

Journal Journal: The first day

So, this is the first post to my own journal. Feels weird, you know? Well, in anycase, guess I'm gonna hang around here till I figure things out a bit more. News is pretty good.

On a side note, digital photography is still a hobby I'm into, so guess I'll continue to work at it.

Okay, I'm bored. Gonna read some news.

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