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Journal digital photo's Journal: More /.'ing than I first intended. :) 9

Well, it's the weekend between Christmas and New Years. Freefall would describe my feelings in general. >:)

I've also noticed that I'm posting in Slashdot quite a bit more often than I had originally thought I would. Oh well, guess it's something to do.

Hopefully, the New Years will bring with it a more interesting(read: good) job market.

Till then, just gonna enjoy the weekend...

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More /.'ing than I first intended. :)

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  • Just checked out your web-site, and I have to agree, lavender is definitely better than white.

    Reading Slashdot ain't such a bad thing, provided you don't zone out completely. I find that reading articles and journals stimulates the grey cells, and it reminds me that I'm not the only one fretting about my investments, the job market, the stock markets, world events, etc.

    Here's hoping for a peaceful and prosperous New Year.
    • Wow, thanks. I originally had it going with stark white... then switched to all back with red/white text... basically, it didn't work. Everyone complained about it being too dark.. etc.. etc..

      All in all, I find Slashdot to be interesting... kinda like a newspaper. Ie. the first thing I check out once online. ^_^ Granted, it also reminds me that there are many varied opinions out there... and that I'm not alone.

      Here's hoping to the New Year bringing a new and better economy with it.

  • I've also noticed that I'm posting in Slashdot quite a bit more often than I had originally thought I would. Oh well, guess it's something to do.

    ... and something is usually better than nothing ^_^

    Best of luck with your job search! Also, I loved the pics on your page. I didn't realize that there were good Chobits cosplayers out there already. Cool stuff.
    • Thank you! I'm doing okay right now... but.. just hoping next year brings better news than this year has. ^_^;;

      The chobits pic was from AX2002. Was fun, but the trip was basically done on a shoe-string budget. One of those... "We got here... but have no money to spend... ;_;" kinda deals.

      But yeah, I was surprised to see several chobits pics about.

      There were some cosplayers dressed as one of the Chobits serving ladies, but I didn't manage to get a good pic. ;_;

      Thank you for visiting my journal and for visiting my page! ^_^ Hopefully, Fanime 2003 and AnimeExpo 2003 will be even better.

    • Oh! I just visited your site. Really nice page header images! Especially the card captor. :)

      Would you mind if I added a link from my page to your's?

  • Freefall would describe my feelings in general.
    I saw that and thought you were talking about the web-comic. [purrsia.com]

    On unrelated news, I continue to get freaked out by the way it seems that in practically anyone's journal I read, MonTemplar has already posted! I expect the fact that I've got him down as a friend+fan means that I'm more likely to encounter people he has down as friend or fan- but it still astounds me!

    • Heh. Hadn't realised there was a comic by that name. But seeing the strip that's on today, I wonder if that is that far off from how I feel sometimes. :)

      Hmm.. MonTemplar definitely has quick keyboard reflexes.. :)

      Thanks for checking out my journal and for the comic link! :)

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