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Comment pure and utter BS (Score 1) 117

If this was the cause why wasn't the change corrected immediately and the traffic routed to where it was originally intended. 3 days of downtime just doesn't happen when you fuck up a line in a config. If this was actually the case the downtime would have been minimal.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score -1, Flamebait) 755

I outright laugh at people in an Interview when they ask me if I'll write OO code. OO code is worse than 10,000 jmp, or goto's. Code written in an OO "framework" produces an excessive of files, classes, and thousands upon thousands of useless objects that are not even necessary for the task at hand, almost as bad as XML, but worse. You end up with bloated apps, that cannot be read or understood by anyone quickly. Let alone have any of the code be re-usable anywhere else.

If you can't read straight up C code and understand what the fuck is going on, stop calling yourself a programmer.

If you can't code directly for the hardware you're interfacing with, stop calling yourself a programmer.

If you depend on .NET, any library, framework, or something written by someone else, you're not a programmer. You're a script kiddy.

OO should never be taught lest we end up with a generation of useless tools who think they're "programmers" that can't actually accomplish fuck all. OOOH wait we're already there...

Comment Re:Some relief at last? (Score 1) 325

Quality such as faulty mobos that flat line your CPU for minutes while the instruction buffer is unusable (google Dell Optiplex GX270 recall) - They also refused to acknowledge this was a problem for the first 2 years, always telling the customer to re-install their OS.

Quality such as Indian Tech support reps that can't speak a single coherent word of English, (Unless you bend over and pay for gold level [cashrape] support)

Need I go on?

Comment Re:Genius fucking bar... (Score 1) 155

Sadly reading comprehension is a big deal.
More so in the USA.
I would consider reading a "genius" level trait for most Americans, considering the plethora of idiots I've had to walk through there email setup.

There's actually one guy in Houston, TX who believes you spell Houston "HAWSTAN". I had to fight with him in setting his SMTP address correctly to houston.[someISP].com

Comment golf balls + sharpie = NEW PRODUCT (Score 1) 123

Well first off, this is not real.
The article even says it's a prototype. So it doesn't even work.

If you look close enough you realize it's 16 golf balls with emoticons drawn on with a Sharpy. If you don't believe compare the distance between the dots of the colons, and compare the two 8's.

Get back to use when it's a real product boys, not some half baked idea you got had while you were drunk and stoned.

Comment Re:Doesn't This Require an Internet Connection? (Score 1) 283

What? I loved the DRM from the 80s and 90s.

That shit was awesome it was worked into the games in some cases.

Take Kings Quest VI for example, the DRM is hard to spot, and is mixed directly into the games lore.
If you don't have the "Guide to the Isle" about half way through the game you get to a puzzle that requires you referencing a character replacement map.
Now games have no manuals, no guides, no lore.

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