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Did the Spamhaus DDoS Really Slow Down Global Internet Access? 70

CowboyRobot writes "Despite the headlines, the big denial of service attack may not have slowed the Internet after all. The argument against the original claim include the fact that reports of Internet users seeing slowdowns came not from service providers, but the DDoS mitigation service CloudFlare, which signed up Spamhaus as a customer last week. Also, multiple service providers and Internet watchers have now publicly stated that while the DDoS attacks against Spamhaus could theoretically have led to slowdowns, they've seen no evidence that this occurred for general Internet users. And while some users may have noticed a slowdown, the undersea cable cuts discovered by Egyptian sailors had more of an impact than the DDoS."

Submission + - Bad Feedback Retaliation (buy.com) 1

diemuzi writes: "When it came time for my wife's birthday I decided to replace her Apple iPod 5th Generation Purple Nano which was stolen not long after I originally purchased it. So I found a company called FireSourceSales online which still had them in stock and at a reasonable price. When I received the product to much of my amazement I received a 4th generation. So I contacted them about the problem and I was rudely told it was my problem. So I contacted buy.com which was where I originally found their company and explained the situation to them. Buy.com did the right thing and helped resolve the problem. So now it comes time to leave feedback for the seller and of course based on the rudeness I received from FireSourceSales I left bad feedback about them. Not long after leaving the bad feedback I was contacted from FireSourceSales asking me to remove the negative feedback. Of course, I wasn't going to do such a thing. A few months have passed and all of a sudden I get an email from buy.com which contains an email which I clearly did not send them asking to remove the negative feedback. It appears to come from my email address and also has my personal contact information listed in the email. It's very upsetting that FireSourceSale would even stoop that low to try and forge my information to remove the negative feedback.

My question to the Slashdot community is what would you do in this situation? As I sit here I wonder how many other people have experienced this type of situation."

Comment Oh Noes (Score 0) 521

Oh no, the local government is going to track you. Wake up, they've been doing it since the day you were born and given that little piece of paper called a Birth Certificate. Then you paid the state to track you even more when you got a Drivers License and you paid even more when you bought a car and had to buy a license plate. Heck, you post alone is probably being tracked now too. Watch you, they're coming for you next! Who care's, when you're driving down the road and a cop passes you, you might think for a second did he just try and track me? But 2 minutes later you won't even remember having that thought. Not to mention, if something did happen to your car IE: getting stolen. I would think you'd want as much help as possible as to where your car might be located OR even better, where it's heading! Now if the public had access to this data, sure I'd probably be upset then. But not over this...

Submission + - IPv6 Linux Routing

diemuzi writes: I'm having a very difficult time trying to learn and grasp the concept of the IPv6 networking and before my hair goes completely gray and starts falling out I would like to know if anyone has any good information on a simple how-to for dummies IPv6 Linux Routing guides. I've been reading books, many sites online, etc... but none of them click in my mind. IPv4 was easy compared to this IPv6 mess of things. I've never been one for reading and understanding but more for doing and understanding. My background choice of operating systems is Arch Linux but I'm familiar with CentOS and Redhat. What I believe would really help me out was for something I can see from the beginning to end and being able to copy/paste most of the things required into my linux box and start testing. Most of the examples found online talk about Tunneling, their ISP gave them an IPv6 address which can be subnetted, and many other random examples. All I want to do for learning purposes is to setup an IPv6 internal network which has nothing to do with the outside world. I don't care if it connects to the Internet. I simply want the Linux Router to handle the connections from my other Linux Workstations and Windows Workstations and assign those an IPv6 and be able to talk to one another.

Comment Logitech MX Revolution (Score 0) 569

I personally use a Logitech MX Revolution http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/mice_pointers/mice/devices/130&cl=US,EN I highly recommend the Hard plate mouse pad too made by RocketFish, I use the "Control" side of the pad. If it gets dirty, you can simply wash it off. http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/pc-67-3-rocketfish-gaming-mouse-pad-black.aspx The mouse doesn't require batteries, has a recharge stand and the battery life is wonderful. I can go at least 1-2 weeks at 8 hours of coding each without having to worry about putting it on the charger. If I do have to charge it, no more than 15-20 minutes for a full charge and I'm ready again. I haven't had any issues with any operating system either, no scuffing issues, etc...

Comment Re:Profit! (Score 1) 223

I would really like to see the comments based on call centers for the Internet industry. When most people think about Call Centers they thing of the PC world, but what about those who do Web Hosting or Domain Registrations. It's a completely different type of assistance and most things can be resolved in a matter of minutes. Therefore leaving the customer with a much higher sense of satisfaction. ~ Sammie http://ecommerce.com/

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