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Comment Re:I recommend ... (Score -1) 687

I recommend the students parents' file suit against the Principle, the allegations albeit unwarranted will follow this child around until leaves school, and then my still haunt him. If there was any fault it was in the VP over reaction, but I do agree something should have been done HEAVEN FORBID His parents were called in and there was a private discussion had betwixt the school admin, and the kid and his folks. I would also recommend the vice-principle who reported this to the police be charged with calling in a fake bomb threat!

Comment Re:Opportunity (Score -1) 156

NOT everyone who buys a Desktop at Best Buy is a novice that needs hand holding just the vast majority, I my self recently purchased a Desktop, the only reason I went to Best Buy is because I had a networking schematic due the next day and did not wish to sit in the library until close go home, turn around and get up a few hours early go to the library, go to work then hopefully head straight to class with a finished assignment if not head back to library! I couldn't wait for a new MoBo and PS to be shipped to me, it was just easier to drop 400$ on a decent box throw the HD that came in the box into my scrap heap toss my HD in and jump right back into Linux, with a total down time of maybe 3 hours between diagnosing and up and running. Needless to say this is not relevant to the car analogy one cant just yank an engine out of one chassis and drop it in the next but with some minor modifications you can yank a Hard drive, I may also add I was luck I had not built the Linux kernel I was running optimizing it for the old mother board

Comment Radiation (Score -1) 152

Will I be able to use the electronic radiation being emitted from the high voltage lines in my backyard? or is that soothing white noise hum the only perk I can get from that, aside from cancer? Down mod me if you will but the first question is serious would one be able to charge just off the radiation emitted from power lines?

Comment Inevitable (Score -1) 278

Why is this such a big issue? Multi-threading will make its way to FF when its good and ready to, by which point I fear Chrome will have a strong enough foot hold to give Google the Leg up it needs, with its vast financial backing to keep FF a second best Browser I used it from day one until Chrome hit and I just switched the interface being more intuitive, and streamlined or so it appeared to this damaged brain? It's only a matter of time until Google's world Domination is complete as they rightfully usurp Micro$oft and take their thrown, I only hope it does not go to Google's head as it did with M$ and lead to bad products such as Windows 98(!98SE), ME || Vista but we shall see, as they say "only time will tell"

Submission + - Who nibbled the Mac Apple?

diefuchsjagden writes: "The is not so much a story but a question I am posing to the community. Who toke a byte out of the Mac Apple, I Propose it was Eve and this Apple was from the Tree of Knowledge which could explain some, this coming from a long time *nux user, and agnostic, atheist."

Comment Re:Impact (Score 0) 262

Ok Thinking like the fish I would choose neither hydro-electric turbines nor "osmotic reactors" but guess what I am not a fish and would choose either over using hydro carbons to produce energy at least once that are set up and functional there are only localized ecological impacts as compared to the global impacts we are seeing from the combustion of hydrocarbons, but as to think like a fish again I would take the turbines over the "slow" death hyper/hypo salinization

Comment Re:Good grief! (Score 0) 571

Forgive me if this has been stated already in this discussion but the "claim that extradition would make the 43-year-old's death 'virtually certain.'" is on the same line of thought that breathing makes death virtually certain, the only way that I am aware of to make death uncertainty inevitable is already being dead, his death is no more certain state side than it is across the pond, this is the kind of logic that gets Drug lords who have robbed us billions of our "hard" earned dollars of on parole and the single mom who five finger discounts a can of baby formula to feed her infant child because she is to malnourished to produce her own breast milk because not only did her HMO cancel her coverage but she lost her job because she could not afford a babysitter, 20 to life in a supper max! God Bless America where Crime doesn't pay, that is unless you do it to the 'n' th degree
The Military

Laser Weapon Shoots Down Airplanes In Test 627

airshowfan writes "Boeing's directed-energy weapons (a.k.a. frickin' laser beams) have been getting some attention lately. The Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) is a C-130 that famously burned a hole through a car's hood, and the YAL-1 AirBorne Laser is a 747 that shoots a laser from its nose that is powerful enough to bring down an ICBM. But even cooler is the Mobile Active Targeting Resource for Integrated eXperiments (MATRIX), a laser that is mounted on a truck (which probably costs less than a 747, but who knows) and that can shoot down small aircraft, as shown in the picture on this article. (The Laser Avenger supposedly also has this capability). We live in the future!"

Asus Releases Desktop-Sized Supercomputer 260

angry tapir writes "Asustek has unveiled its first supercomputer, the desktop computer-sized ESC 1000, which uses Nvidia graphics processors to attain speeds up to 1.1 teraflops. Asus's ESC 1000 comes with a 3.33GHz Intel LGA1366 Xeon W3580 microprocessor designed for servers, along with 960 graphics processing cores from Nvidia inside three Tesla c1060 Computing Processors and one Quadro FX5800."

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