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Submission + - The Radioactive Orchestra (nuclear.kth.se)

didde writes: The Radioactive Orchestra is a non-commercial project allowing visitors to create music using an array of 3175 radioactive isotopes as instruments. The frequency of the sounds are actually regulated by the amount of energy released by each excitation and its rate of decay. The project was initiated by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Let's get nuclear!

Comment Re:I agree with TheRealMindChild (Score 3, Interesting) 376

Absolutely true. Pfsense is awesome!

The challenge is keeping your "old server" hardware alive without having staff supporting/monitoring it.

Sure, good HW can keep churning for quite some time, but sooner or later the HD will die. Or the PSU will grow tired. Maybe a fan will die and leave the system overheated? When compared to a brand spanking new dedicated unit I believe one can get away with less human monitoring. Of course, as always, YMMV.

Then again, should you have the resources available, pfsense or m0n0wall are the bomb. Seriously.

Comment I Beg To Differ (Score 3, Informative) 376

I'm on an unmetered 100 Mbps line, bursting up to 300 Mbps from time to time. Just like you, I had a tough time finding consumer-grade hardware able to keep up with speeds > 30-50 Mbps. After going through most of what's on offer here in the EU, short of DIY routers, I ended up with D-Link's "Wireless N Gigabit router DIR-655". Believe it or not, but I have actually seen throughput close to 150 Mbps (using NAT) on the WAN while on this network.

Of course, YMMW, but my search ended with this piece of hardware.Of course, it's priced slightly higher than the average router, but IMHO it's worth it.

On a side note: I personally, had no luck what so ever using Linksys offerings, including the WRT54*. Most "premium" hardware platforms in the consumer sphere only offer throughput close to 30-40 or even 50 Mbps while on NAT.

Good luck. And enjoy the speeds you have been blessed with, son.

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