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Comment typical/"different" slashdot readers? (Score 2) 284

mobydisk wrote, among other things, to inquire,

> And another thing. Does everybody here think that because they read Slashdot that they are "different?"

no, i'm proud to say i don't need *slashdot* to make me different.

i'm different because i'm a sixteen year old *girl* who loves linux, even though i know practically nothing about it as yet, because while i was on holiday the power supply in my desktop died, and i'm not bothering to install redhat on my laptop because of its wretched winmodem, that obviously i knew nothing about when i bought it.

i'm different because i love to read science fiction and technopunk thrillers, british comic fantasy, greek surrealist poetry, pre-revolutionary french biography, classical greek literature, classic british and french novels, dilbert, books on italian architecture, and everything else worth reading. it's quite an expensive little hobby.

i'm different because i listen to opera, german industrial garage music, alternative folk/punk/rock chicks like ani difranco and liz phair, cabaret tunes, a little jazz, medieval choral music, bach and mozart, greek pop music and rembetika, and classical greek poetry set to music.

i'm different because two-tone chanel slingbacks make me swoon, the discovery of a perfect new lipstick fills me with euphoria, and all i want for christmas is a hermes trenchcoat and *anything* made of barguzin sable.

i'm different because i love to write almost as much as i love to read, and the book of poetry i am working on has already been called "exquisite" by the founder of an award-winning poetry publishing house.

i'm different because i'm an active member of a centre-right political party in a little south pacific country most of you probably wouldn't be able to find on a map given an hour with a magnifying glass.

i'm different because i'm in limbo between schools, because i'd rather flip burgers for the rest of my life than go back to the intellectually stifling hellhole i recently escaped from (a feat i managed only because of a sleep disorder, and low blood pressure, that reduced my attendance to 49% last year, not a day of which i actually skipped), and the only correspondence school in my country doesn't think i'd quite "fit in" with them, either.

typical slashdot readers? there's no such thing! you people should know that by now!

dictatrix, aka the duchess.

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