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Comment Re:But HE bring in H1B Workers... (Score 1) 688

Those 30 beauty models are obviously discouraging thousands of obese American women from becoming models.

Trump bringing in a few exceptional beauties is the type of H1-B that even Paul Graham endorsed; limit H1-B for top tier world-class talent, not for the kind of grunts that displace natives.

Submission + - A modest proposal regarding Edward Snowden

tlambert writes: Prior to leaving for Hong Kong, Edward Snowden was a resident of Hawaii. He's technically still. Brian Schatz is currently a U.S. senator for Hawaii; he was appointed to that position in 2012, after the death of U.S. senator Daniel Inouye. He was confirmed in a special election in 2014 to serve out the remainder of that term, which is up in 2016. Which means there's a senate seat opening up in 2016 in Edward Snowden's home state. So... who wants to be campaign manager? Can you elect someone who is only telepresent throughout the campaign?

Comment Re:Happy to let someone else test it (Score 1) 101

So donate to the OpenBSD Foundation, and in your donation leave a note that you want LibreSSL to work on Windows. If enough people do that, guess what... it is pretty likely. Or find out who is on the porting team, and pay them DIRECTLY to put a little extra effort in to make it run on Windows. Put your money where your mouth is.

Comment 5 of them for a virtual keyboard (Score 1) 65

Now, put one on each finger, and we can make virtual keyboards, and have all sorts of fun with the UI. 8 fingers.... 8 bits per byte... we could have each finger represent a bit, on or off. Then without moving the hands or stretching the fingers, each key on the keyboard is represented by which the fingers being lowered or not. Saves the thumbs, one for mouse positioning, the other for enabling mouse mode. In mouse mode, the rest of the fingers would do things like Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Super-Meta on one hand, and left click, right click, middle click on the other hand.

Comment Appreciation for the VA Research IPO (Score 2) 48

Larry, I just want to express my appreciation for the way you handled the IPO. I've never made much money from doing software. Your gift of VA shares to many open source developers paid off my student loans, got me out of debt, and there was enough left over to buy a bunch of O'Reilly books. Very classy. Hope you've done well in all your endeavors over the past years since then.

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