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Comment Re:My city, Reykjavík, is trying to do this. (Score 1) 259

Evanston did a lot of that, too - broad sidewalks, killed off parking, increased density. It was an unholy mess about 15 years ago when I left college. Small businesses hated it (try walking your purchases from the hardware store back) and lots went out of business. Then they built up even more density, built a new downtown center next to the old downtown center, *finally* built some parking garages, and it started to pick up. Post-bubble rebound in the mid 2000's helped.

Honestly - Evanston is a lovely place full of liberal people on various noble quests (practical is another matter), but "kill the car"? I don't know who is saying you'll find no cars around, because it's still damned hard to find street parking and there's a constant flow of cars through the downtown streets. And where's the nearest grocery store? Closest I'm aware of is still a couple miles out of downtown, either up on Green Bay or down Chicago towards Dempster. Very much not in walking distance of anything. The cars aren't going to disappear just because there's a condo complex next to downtown. Like every other suburb, it's still very much a driving place. After all, every suburb wants to attract people from every other suburb - Evanston has dining, Skokie has Old Orchard (a large mall), Northbrook has shopping and the Botanical Garden, etc. All of that requires cars.

Comment No such problems here (Score 0) 88

Didn't see any problems with VPNs during the betas, nor with final release. This is with connections to Junos Pulse, StrongSwan/xl2tpd, and racoon VPNs.

Maybe the reason it wasn't "fixed" is it isn't an issue in the first place.

Comment Flamebait summary (Score 4, Insightful) 257

Microsoft issues an update: it's supposed to update the updating system for future updates. It bricks phones.
Apple issues an update: Adds a few minor features, fixes bugs, improves web browser performance. It Just Works.

I find the trolling with "mandatory silencing of complaints" ironic since one of the features in iOS 4.3 - a user preference for the switch on the iPad to function as orientation lock or mute - is specifically in response to user feedback.

Meanwhile, Google issues an update. You can't use it until your carrier/handset manufacturer says you can (it took a month for Gingerbread to show up even on Google's own Nexus).

Comment Re:Obvious name (Score 1) 246

To clarify any potential confusion, Palantir Technologies ( is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by, Inc. (, which creates open source software solutions. is not involved in any way with these allegations.

Comment And then load balancers... (Score 1) 217

TLDR, etc - but let's just say you follow the advice to not use firewalls in front of your web servers. Those web servers aren't going to load balance themselves (at least, not short of old "www1"..."www16" DNS entries), so the next bottleneck becomes your load balancers. Admittedly, these do tend to perform MUCH better than firewalls, as their routing and inspection tends to be much simpler.

However, the common conception of lots of traffic hitting a bunch of web servers directly is not the right way to think about the problem.

Comment Re:Banned from PSN... (Score 5, Insightful) 322

First of all, this is just used for pirating purposes. In fact that's the only thing the hack allows, so drop the homebrew bullshit.

Pardon? I have no interest in either pirating OR homebrew. I just want to load the games that I bought onto the console to improve load times, avoid disc damage from handling, and keep all my games available at all times. What's the point of a 250GB drive it all I have on it are dinky PSN games?

Comment Re:I guess I'm stupid, too. (Score 1) 1268

The actual notation for anyone beyond pre-algebra is x, and that renders just fine in text.

The use of parentheses here is needlessly confusing - I didn't take it to mean "variable" at first or even second glance. Had the "answer" not been shown, I still wouldn't know what they were asking for with such tortured symbology.

Comment Re:Developers Bitch (Score 3, Insightful) 335

Such reporting wasn't disallowed until very recently. There was a very good reason for it as well - developers then got that data back so they could tell how many people were still on old OS versions, what the uptake was on a new OS, and could plan their features and releases accordingly.

The only reason Apple got upset is it revealed prototype OS versions in their lab as a side effect.

Comment Re:Developers Bitch (Score 2, Interesting) 335

The tethering app wasn't discovered because it was extremely difficult to trigger - it required very specific network settings, a multi-step setup process, and tapping different colors in a specific pattern just to enable the tether. Very different from discovering an app is sending your data off wholesale.

The hidden tethering app is only going to be discovered via thorough code decompilation and analysis. Sending chunks of data to a random server for no appreciable purpose can be found easily via tcpdump.

Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 4, Insightful) 335

Amazing what a gets a +5 Informative these days. Adding links?

The first example was due to a developer "hacking" accounts (i.e., guessing passwords).
The second example is the same story as the first, from a different source.
The final example is the only one that holds any water. And that allowing crap apps through, not malicious ones.

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