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Comment Option to download? (Score 1) 353

Hard to tell since its just an image, but is there any attempt on the part of the os to inform you that the missing plugin is actually flash? It doesn't appear to be that way from the image and he claims that it doesn't as well. Windows will tell you that you don't have flash installed and give you the option to go to the adobe site. Hmmm, so Macs are easier to use?

Comment Re:The others (Score 1) 917

That's the nature of a company like Apple. They live on hype. But when that hype causes them to get more flak than the average company for problems they bitch and whine. Its quite funny to watch of course. On CBC they specifically mentioned that you could forgo the special case and just wrap your iphone in duct tape. Wouldn't that be hilarious.

Comment Re:Fix how it handles tabs (Score 1) 223

Ah, awesome. I thought I had already checked the slackbuilds site since I use it for quite a few other applications. I guess I overlooked it. Much appreciated. I have installed something to handle the tabs. Looks like they have an extension to open previously closed tabs as well. I don't use that too often in Firefox but it would be missed as well. This changes everything. I will have to give Chrome a go.

Comment Re:Fix how it handles tabs (Score 1) 223

Its just like when KDE saves the programs that I have open so the same programs open up again when I restart KDE. Its a convenience thing. If I am going to spend the time opening up all the same programs/tabs again then I am going to be annoyed that they were all closed at the end of my last session. There are quite a few pages that I like to visit/refresh on a regular basis, including slashdot, and I wouldn't want to have to open up everything again every time the browser opens. Yes, there is a performance hit on startup but I take that as a small price to pay for everything just being there. Also, I keep open stuff that I deem not quite worthy of bookmarks that I still would like to see again. Kind of an, oh yeah, reminder that I have something to do associated with it. These things would be lost and I wouldn't likely remember them again. I realize that I could be bookmarking groups of tabs, but I like this better. You can still do that right?

Comment Re:Fix how it handles tabs (Score 1) 223

Damn, Chromium is broken. I just realized that I reinstalled Slackware but I haven't set up the libraries the way chromium wants them set up yet. I will have to check on that later. I didn't realize there were extentions to change that behaviour. This might change everything. Unless they are not available in the chromium build. Chrome is only available on deb and rpm and the community supported page didn't list a Slackware version either. Funny enough, I thought Microsoft had the best implementation of tabs. When you open up a new tab it opens up right next to the tab that you opened it from. That way tabs that are from a similar source are all grouped together without having to fiddle with moving around tabs.

Comment Fix how it handles tabs (Score 3, Insightful) 223

Until Chrome fixes how it handles tabs I will never use it. I know it sounds like a minor quibble.... but it is practically unusable when you have more than a couple of tabs open. Firefox handles this the correct way by putting arrows at the ends of the tabs and allowing you to scroll across to the remaining tabs. Chrome handles this the wrong way by trying to squeeze all the tabs onto the window at the same time. It doesn't take very long before you get useless tab titles like "A...." and "D..." and you cannot tell which tab is which. I usually have at least 15 tabs open at any given time. This can swell to 30 or 40 at times. Of course, I gave up on Safari because when I tried it out there was no way to save the tabs so that they opened again when you restarted the browser. Another very simple thing that greatly affects my enjoyment of the browser. Maybe they have fixed that since.... I don't know.

Comment Re:SATA/RAID (Score 1) 483

I must agree. I have a 2 to 3 year old computer that has an ASUS P5N-E SLI motherboard in it and both Vista and 7 (64 bit) are unable to recognize my eSATA external hard drive after install. Seems like the JMicron eSATA controller is not recognized. The unfortunate part of this (which I have recognized as a problem and I account for every time now) is that all my drivers are on that external hard drive. Oh, the pain of it all. Of course, Linux has no problem recognizing this drive without any modifications of any kind.

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