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Comment Maybe I'll buy some more CDs now (Score 4, Interesting) 228

A funny thing. When napster first came out, I downloaded a bunch of songs, which got me excited about music in general and several bands in particular. In the year before napster got shut down, I probably bought a dozen CDs. Then for quite a while I lost interest in music, or just played the music I had. Then I got broadband and an iPod and discovered eMule, and ended up buying another dozen or so CDs after a few years of not setting foot in a record store. The the RIAA started cracking down, and well, I just sort of lost interest in music again.

What a bunch of morons.

Comment Re:Bad Science (Score 1) 449

I think the global warming crowd is forgetting one thing: the biggest determinant of the climate on Earth is caused by this thermonuclear fireball about 93,000,000 miles away called the Sun.

Yes, I think you should call up NOAA RIGHT NOW and tell them that all those scientists they employ have forgotten about the sun.

I'm sure that will cause a few snickers at their next friday night beer bash.

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