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Submission + - Apple iPhone Preview

Saro writes: "Looks like the Apple iPhone is real. Boasting a 480 x 320 (3.5") touchscreen, 4 or 8GB of storage, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth with EDR, WiFi and a quad band GSM radio with EDGE. This all fits in a 11.6 mm thin shell. The kicker? It runs OSX. Plenty of pictures over at Engadget."
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Apple announces name change, Apple TV, iPhone, ...

guruevi writes: "Apple announces a lot of new stuff today at MacWorld. Steve Jobs announced that Apple Computers, Inc. is becoming Apple, Inc. a name change reflecting the change from a computer company to a more media-centered company?

They announced a lot of new toys to tinker with (soon). There is the Apple TV which is basically iTunes (Store) on steroids, a new Airport Extreme Base Station (which looks suspiciously a lot like the Apple TV, they announced the long waited for iPhone (with 2 year cell phone plan) — single button, looks a lot like a better version of the Apple Newton and includes a mini-Mac OS X which can run iTunes and more, new iPod and Switch-to-Mac advertisements.

It's all on (already).

A lot of change for this company, in other news... Redmond ordered a new truckload of chairs"

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