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Comment cloud-to-butt (Score 1) 40

Slashdot video needs a cloud-to-butt plugin. But seriously, Ubuntu is now the dominant OS in the space (surprise!) largely because Canonical has been focused here since 2009, and they've made some very astute decisions backing the right technologies, e.g. shifting quickly from Eucalyptus to Open Stack.

Comment Re:NewsBlur 100% open-source (web, iOS apps, Andro (Score 1) 386

Host your own if you don't like the fee. How is this model any different from Relying on "free" services where the provider has no contractual obligations is the very basis of the problem with Google shitcanning Reader without giving users the *choice* to move to a paid model or, heaven forbid, open sourcing the code. Oh right, Google's core platform code is proprietary, my bad for thinking that they could eat their own dogfood and at least provide the *option* for users to re-deploy Google products (or their open-sourced anaogues) on Google's own AppEngine platform.

Comment NewsBlur 100% open-source (web, iOS apps, Android) (Score 3, Informative) 386

From Samuel Clay's twitter posts today - Remember, NewsBlur is 100% open-source (web, iOS apps, Android). Follow @samuelclay on GitHub: Today's not such a hot day in terms of speed, but the next three months will be full throttle. I was preparing to launch the re-design in TWO weeks, not today. I'm spinning up more servers to handle the onslaught.

Comment Re:but handling uncertainty isn't easy (Score 3, Interesting) 242

Indeed there are no easy solutions, but there's plenty of mathematical work going on to better handle uncertainty. For example, OpenCog's Probabilistic Logic Networks. From "PLN is a novel conceptual, mathematical and computational approach to uncertain inference. In order to carry out effective reasoning in real-world circumstances, AI software must robustly handle uncertainty."

Submission + - HD-PVR that's stand-alone and records to flash storage 1

dhart writes: "(this is an "Ask Slashdot" submission) Dear lazyweb, the market seems flooded with a bazillion crappy PVR gadgets, but I can't find a basic stand-alone device to schedule recordings from free-to-air TV. Ideally the gadget would sport an EPG, HDMI output and record to an SD CARD, but these I can do without. I can program a VCR, so even a crappy interface that simply allows me to select the TV channel and recording time is sufficient."

Submission + - Ballmer repeats threats against Linux

daria42 writes: Steve Ballmer has reissued Microsoft's patent threat against Linux, warning open-source vendors that they must respect his company's intellectual property. In a no-nonsense presentation to New York financial analysts last week, Microsoft's chief executive said the company's partnership with Novell, which it signed in November 2006, "demonstrated clearly the value of intellectual property, even in the open-source world."

Submission + - End PC Payola with a PC Builder Code of Conduct

dhart writes: "PC payola is why new PCs aren't pre-installed with free and open source software, and why consumers are deprived of choice. Payola perpetuates force-feeding consumers with pre-installed popup-infested circus-ware, leaving them confused about 'what to click' and feeling helpless about their out-of-control PCs. This sad situation creates fertile ground for sleazy malware writers. Here's a chance to tell one OEM, Dell, what you think about PC payola. (dhart strikes again)."

Submission + - Pre-Installed Linux tops Dell customer requests

dhart writes: "Within only a few days of opening a new customer feedback website, Dell has discovered the feature most requested (by a wide margin!) as an option on all new Dell PCs: Pre-installed Linux. I believe they'll have a harder time now with the tired old mantra "there's no customer demand for Linux"."

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