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Comment Re:DC will get hit this year and there data center (Score 1) 59

Since I moved down to NoVA over 2 years ago, I've seen a hurricane larger than Floyd and an earthquake and just missed a massive snow storm. The trees decided to have a massive orgy leading to one of the worse allergy seasons ever and now we've got a pretty bad flu season. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Comment Re:Direction (Score 1) 180

From the youtube video description:

This movie begins over the Pacific Ocean and continues over North and South America before entering daylight near Antarctica. Visible cities, countries and landmarks include (in order) Vancouver Island, Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco, Los Angeles. Phoenix. Multiple cities in Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. Mexico City, the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, Lightning in the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and the Amazon.

Comment Re:...what ? (Score 1) 280

And we wonder why in this jaded age of short attention spans it's difficult to prove anything scientifically. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

“...Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but usually manages to pick himself up, walk over or around it, and carry on.” - Churchill


Submission + - Oracle Sues Google for Infringing Java Patents (

Bruce Perens writes: "Oracle has brought a lawsuit against Google claiming that Google has infringed patents on the Java Language, presumably in Android. We don't have the text of the lawsuit yet. But there's a patent grant that should allow Google to use Java royalty-free. Has Google failed to meet the terms of the grant?"

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