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Comment Re:You put your stuff out in plain view (Score 1) 84

What they did in this case was wrong, and it's a good thing to make a fuss about it and not let people think that privacy is only something that takes place in a doctor's office.

Your analogies aren't apt at all, and privacy is something that is greatly misunderstood in the age of social networking. There isn't any kind of "right" to privacy, our private information is valuable, it is important to protect our privacy, and it is no one's job but our own to protect ourselves. The sooner we, as a society, understand this, the sooner stories like this will thin out.

You say it is important to snap at the researchers for this. I agree with you there, however I disagree that you imply that only the researchers are in the wrong. It is just as important to let the students in this dataset know "this is what you get for putting this information about yourselves out there," so that they think twice about possibly compromising their private information in the future as well.

Comment Re:So... what ARE those needs and preferences? (Score 1) 432

"...was alienated by being able to kill female prostitutes in GTA."
Quick heads up: you can kill everyone in GTA III.

"My "needs and wants" are fewer rape jokes and less T&A in the games already produced"
Also, it would be kind of hard to change the games already produced. I'd prefer that you (and game developers in general) focus on making future games better.

"Would you play completely through a game that had half naked men and only men that were half naked in it?" If it was good, yes. One of my favorite characters in Street Fighter III: Third Strike is Urien, A muscle bound man in a thong (the other is Makoto, a conservatively dressed woman).

Comment Re:Nothingtoseeheremovealong (Score 1) 853

Where did you hear this from?

I read a report that the guy who found the phone tried to tell someone who worked at the bar he found a phone & saw who was logged into Facebook on the phone, and that employee couldn't find the phone's owner, so he took the phone home. The next day, the guy who found the phone saw that the data on the phone was gone, care of MobileMe, at which point he went to sell it to the highest bidder.

Comment Re:Password aging does *not* help (Score 1) 497

However, if a password is compromised, the attacker only has a limited amount of time to access the account. If passwords never expired, an attacker will always be able to access the account. Security is always a trade off. I feel like the risk of (potentially) weak passwords is not worth the trade off of an attacker having a potentially unlimited amount of time to work with. Weak passwords can be mitigated with a strong password policy. If your systems are such that if an attacker breaks in once, then you are right, it doesn't matter. But if having access for a longer time means an attacker can do more damage, then why not expire passwords?

It's all about the trade off. There is no one "right" way to do it.

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 2, Insightful) 313

I don't think it's a fantastic idea at all. The whole point of a demo is to give people a taste of the game so they buy it. But you always risk giving them so much they have time to get tired of it. When it's free you can just give them enough to get hooked, but people paying fifteen bucks for a demo are going to expect something a bit more substantial. I think this is going to cost them sales if it does anything.

I think it is fine, if, at the end of the day you can put that $10-15 toward the purchase of the full game and also use the save data from the demo in the full game. I would never replay the first few hours of a game, and I would also never pay for the same content twice.

However, I might pay for a "try before you buy" type of deal where you really do get to try the game, and not just play 5-10 minutes.

Comment Metadata is important! (Score 1) 511

Humans... We like to have a piece of paper in our hands, we can easily hand it to a coworker, we can scribble on it to take notes. I know it sounds oldskool, but for many tasks, a piece of paper is just superior.

For a lot of my tasks, electronic records are better because you can attach metadata to documents to more easily search, sort and drive workflow. This then makes my tasks easier, quicker and less error-prone.

I feel like this is more of an issue with people not understanding what metadata is and what it can do for them rather than an issue of people liking paper.

Comment Re:Insanity (Score 1) 383

the students and their parents could be prosecuted if they did not participate in an after-school 'education program.'

I love the fucking hypocrisy around sex in USA. Sure, violence and killing people is all okay, but when it's about natural human function like sex it's all bad and must be hidden.

You don't know what the program is about. Regardless of anyone's feelings on sex, letting semi-nude pictures of yourself get transmitted digitally is a bad idea, as is transmitting them, and these teens might not understand that.

Comment Re:Still not quite sure why twitter is necessary (Score 1) 178

What exactly is twitter doing that couldn't be done with existing blogging sites that have email updates?

You can send and receive Tweets from your (non-smart) phone without needing a data plan.

That's why Twitter has the character limit (it is the same limit for SMS messages). That's why people started using and continue to use Twitter.

Comment Re:I like it (Score 1) 178

If people are actively avoiding Google accounts, why wouldn't they also be actively avoiding accounts on social networking sites? I assume the reason for avoiding Google is that people don't like the fact that stores stores personal data. Name one social networking site that doesn't.

The point being that people who avoid Google probably wouldn't be using Buzz anyway (because they wouldn't want a central database storing the fact that they shared certain content).

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