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Comment They should be turned into allotments (Score 1) 806

In the UK, city councils have an obligation to provide land for allotments - garden plots - for their residents. These are always hugely oversubscribed and there are never enough to go around. They're an excellent idea, provide urban green spaces, allow people to grow their own fruit & veg and are a big net win all round. Why not do that with this reclaimed land?

Submission + - Google Mail Storage Limits Revealed

frik85 writes: The Google Mail website javascript code reveals the GMail storage limits for the next 1449 years. The data is stored in an array as unix timestamp and the code related comment at line 95 reads: "Estimates of nanite storage generation over time."

2007-04-01: 2835 MB
2007-10-12: 2912 MB
2007-10-23: 4321 MB
2008-01-04: 6283 MB
2038-01-17: 43008 MB
3456-01-02: 1.79769313486232e+308 MB

Submission + - What Is the Value of Virtual Console Titles?

__aanaom1261 writes: Many complain that poor third party support for the Wii leaves gamers impatiently waiting for new Mario, Metroid, and Zelda titles. But the Virtual Console has been able to fill in the gaps with quite a few old school games from our childhood, some of which have quite a bit of replay value. My wife loved playing the original Paper Mario again, and when friends visit we usually end up playing Mario Kart 64. We've definately gotten our $10 out of those title.

What is the general opinion of Virtual Console games? Do people play these classic titles as much as the new releases? Do you get your moneys worth out of them? (Feel free to throw in your two cents on XBox Live Arcade as well)

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