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Comment Re: Uh, why? (Score 1) 207

Or purchased a computer with it pre installed. I still remember the 36 floppy disk install for os/2 warp, took 4 hrs to install it back in '92. Used it for like a week and reinstalled windows for workgroups. Biggest issue back then was that there was just 0 support from ibm for it and very little support for hardware unless you purchased specifically off their hardware list..

Comment Re: Why I wait before buying.. (Score 1) 112

You must be doing some hard core.. something? I have only bought amd for decades and my personal upgrade path is every 6-10 years.. I may upgrade my video card every 3-4 years, but beyond that it just seems like a total waste of money.. but then.. I abhor first person shooters and pvp..

Comment Re: questionable study (Score 1) 374

Course there is my sister, she works in IT and she make six figures but every time she has an issue I have to fix her computer.. me a lowly iscoordinator that make about 40k but has 3 hats above and beyond that. Unfortunately my company has two positions. Mine and it manager and they seem to be fixated on titles even though they have little to do with what we actually do on a daily basis.

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