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Comment Re:So cheaters are rewarded, customers get nothing (Score 1) 322

Not all. There are plenty of businesses out there that are still using windows xp either due to compatibility with older special in house programs or they just don't have the money to upgrade their systems. Unfortunately I fall in to the later. Upgrading 68 systems to windows 7 or above is a huge cost for us and the general consensus from upper management is if it isn't broken don't fix it. so, on average we replace 4-6 systems a year. Figure by 2025 we should finally be off of xp.

Comment Re: Big Difference (Score 1) 210

You can't. Been this way for years in relationship to entertainment media. What you are purchasing is a license to listen or watch the media and that is all. Just be thankful that they aren't as sue happy as they could be. That new cd/mp3 your playing in your car or porch? If other people can hear it besides you then it is considered an infraction and they could fine or sue you for it.

Comment Re: Not true. (Score 1) 984

AND that is the BIGGEST traffic law that people break now days. Every where I go people are running at 70 mph with bumper to bumper traffic. I believe the distance is supposed to be 1 car length for ever ten miles per hour. If people followed this 90 percent of the accidents that happen probably wouldn't unfortunately it seems that most people behind the wheel anymore are inconsiderate and care about nothing but themselves and shaving 20 seconds off of their time to wherever they are going.

Comment Re:New GUI (Score 1) 241

Yes, this was something that made me ponder as well. They make a big deal about personalizing your installation of office 2013 and the only thing that any of the options does is add some sort of squiggle in the upper right of the window bar. I found it perplexing and almost why bother.

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