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Comment 3rd world computing must be treated differently (Score 1) 256

As noted already, this article erroneously groups a number of threats as one. It also fails to discriminate between how Cyberterrorism would/could be practised in the 3rd world as opposed to the industrialized nations.

Dependance on networks and PCs susceptible to network attack or viruses is much more widely distributed in the west. I suspect that the ability of western computer users to get help or to solve their own problems also going to be quicker and more authoritative.

Although its been a long time since I lived overseas, I can't imagine that things have changed that much. Most of the software is pirated, the support for it is non-existant. Although the staff may be very knowlegable, the knowlege is spread much more thinly. If a tech in an organization is sympathetic to the terrorist cause, there may not be anyone else available to
diagnose the problem introduced. Remember: social engineering is an essential component for many
damaging attacks.

I would imagine that more and more 3rd world organizations are going to regard computer/network presence as a status symbol, without regard to the risk it implies.

Turn-key solutions orginating from the west will include computers where computers were never depended on before in the third world. Do these folks have a generation of folks who have used computers for the last 15 years, and at least know the rules about computer security (but maybe don't always practise.) No - except for the upper echelon of management who may have been sent to college in the West.

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