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Comment Re:Managers & HR take note (Score -1) 124

AMD is run by idiots. They r going to compete in the arm space? They don't have a chance They r so many competitors They can't compete against intel because they got greedy & wanted a smaller die So their last chip was a piece of shit Intel may have had or perhaps still has the best silicon printing process but that's no excuse for shit chip design. They even have a woman CEO Usually a woman means the death of a company or total incompetence To be perfectly honest any 16 year old can be CEO It really doesn't take much for brains Shit anybody can be a commander. To find someone like Steve Jobs is not easy. IBM: basically produces nothing outside of contracts made on golf courses and idiot CEOs agreeing to those contracts The day where IBM had advanced tech is long gone. They PAID Global Foundry $4.7 billion to take their fab away from them. GOD the shit.

Comment take Japanese approach Let them melt DOWN (Score -1) 120

The Japanese are really sophisticated so lets let these nuclear reactors melt down as in fukushiama According to Japan radiation is good for you and there are no ill effects Hell the Japanese have even forced forced former residents against there will back to live in Fukushiama it is so safe (read we wont pay you for your house so either move back or live in poverty). Anyone want to buy a house in fukushiama Its safe believe m e. Remember radiation has not ill effects !!!

Comment crock of shit analysis (Score -1) 409

Gee decommissioning a nuke plant Never seems to happen They just stay there forever ! What about storing of nuclear waste? Oh I forgot just leave nearby plan that has been shut off until decommissioning With that type of logic why stop air pollution We'll do it when zombies come out of graves !!!
The FUCKN BS never ends !!!
In fact we can let all NUKE plants melt down like FUCKUSHIAMA The fuckn Japanese the MOST corrupt dumb fuckn country in world !!! Fukushiama made in shit JAPAN quality to glow in dark for" FUCK JAPAN !!

Comment Good for de-Evolution (Score 0) 65

Perfect for the unwashed masses Most young people cannot write cursive Cannot spell Most can't add or multiply numbers Can't write a coherent sentence All is left is to learn gorilla/chimpanzee talk On dates all they do is text on their cell phones Pretty soon they should reach the intelligence of monkeys This display will be useful for them UH Uh ,,, eh eh

Comment another paid microsoft employee (Score -1) 413

Is everybody stupid. XP is fast. Faster than all the current consumer grade PC OSes Small print and does everything a true muti-tasking is supposed to do. DO you know that 2 gig on XP 32 bit which is pretty much the majority of all Xp installations equals 4 gig on a 64 bit OS. 2 Gig on win 7 64 is the same as 1 gig on XP 32.
God I do not want angels flying when I click a button on a window

We live in a consumer society populated by IDIOTS.

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