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Comment Re:I question the strength of Yahoo and AOL brands (Score 1) 77

I agree with you Hadlock, They might as well try to acquire Comcast and throw it in with Yahoo and AOL resulting in a company that everyone would hate. People may actually just pay the newly formed company from the three to have it just leave them alone.

Comment Old News (Score 1) 371

This is old news. If you were not aware that a camera could be turned on without the indicator light saying it is on then you are not as big of a geek, nerd or whatever you thought you were. For example the Logitech sdk has had the ability to control the indicator light for at least 13 years Check the doc here This does not really meet the newsworthy standard to me... although it proves that many don't know or have forgotten.

Comment Re:How safe is it driven within the law? (Score 1) 961

Let's take this one further... Regardless of the law... the car is safe if you don't drive it like a dumb ass especially if you are just getting to know the car. It is much like when you start dating any woman... if you are a dumb ass when you are just getting to know her... your likelihood of failing is astronomically high. Moral of the story... don't be a dumb ass.

Comment Re:interesting (Score 1) 123

If everyone runs their own Tor exit node, including unknowingly every dumb Windows and Mac user out there, then malware writers (the NSA?) would have a field day writing bad stuff that attacks and takes advantage of a very large number of exit nodes. So which is better: fewer exit nodes but a few known bad ones as it is now, or shitloads of exit nodes where the vast majority cannot be trusted?

In my mind this is not interesting but rather bordering flamebait. How is what you propose any different than what exists now? Malware writers are having a field day right now with all of the unsecured exit nodes. ( yes you are an exit node on the internet, regardless if you are a tor exit node ) So the true question is would you rather have a greater possibility of retaining your privacy, or just keep living in a deluded fantasy where you think you have any semblance of privacy when you don't? Don't be the one to drink the cool-aid, it never turns out good for that person.

Comment Re:Liberty is the only thing in danger here. (Score 1) 550

I hear you. People in general do not seem to understand that gun laws only, I will repeat ONLY... stop those who would not commit a crime with a gun anyways. Take Canada for instance, a high level of gun control laws, yet no matter where you are (large city or the middle of no-where) if you go looking for a gun that is unregistered and untraceable... it will only take you 30 minutes or less... for any type of gun whether it be hand gun to fully automatic assault rifle. Gun laws do not stop criminals... they keep the honest, honest.

Comment Re:20 year lifespan (Score 1) 372

It sounds like they chose to implement sub-standard LED's because I know from experience that the LED lights that are used on Semi Tractor Trailers are quite visible from well over 5 miles with a foot of snow covering them on the tail end of the trailer... all in -25 to -35 degrees Celsius. This would lead me and most other people that have practical experience in this area... that they used cheap LED's for the street lights if the light is not visible under a little snow. And yes this was observed in Alberta, Canada during a snow storm. It was when I finally caught up to the truck that I was able to see how much snow was covering the lights.

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