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Comment Re:It's true (Score 5, Informative) 734

Congress and the Bush Administration passed the 2006 PAEA law which forced the USPS to submit over $5 billion a year in trust fund payments. This trust fund serves the purpose of transferring federal deficit to the USPS and artificially lowering the government's accumulated debt. This is really a story about bad government policy and not about how technology is replacing the need for a post office.

Comment Re:Tron 1.0 (Score 1) 412

I think it is amusing there was a terminal in the direct path of the particle beam experiment. Obviously, some poor contractor normally sat there.... talk about a bad working environment!

Comment Re:Ethics, line 1... (Score 1) 232

You could also make the argument that they will try harder to save you as an organ donor. Dead tissue isn't very useful for transplantation.
...although...dead tissue does work great for medical school. For some of you it could be the first time a woman will your penis.

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