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Comment Re:They know what they're doing (Score 1) 219

Don't be so sure that all lawyers are super-brains.

Read about ACS Law in the UK. It took such a beating in the courts that IP/copyright trolls seem to have pretty much disappeared from the UK - the Judge was very clear that contacting a defendant before they have anything less than a full, concrete file of evidence that would be sufficient to win a conviction, would be considered harassment and result in the lawyer (UK:solicitor) being open to investigation and criminal prosecution by the Police and probably be de-certified in his profession for lack of ethics, even if they weren't in specific violation of the letter of criminal law.

Since then, even ISPs are *very* cagy about giving out information without a court order - BT wil only do this when it has done a security audit that the (personal) information is held securely and not passed on, except to the courts.

Comment Can be done with a FTPfs, raid and encfs (Score 4, Interesting) 165

Someone's already done & blogged about this, using multiple free FTP accounts, with a FTPfs bringing them local, then mounting a RAID (mirrored & parity) partition over it, and encfs over the top of that.

It was VERY SLOW, but did work, even when he blocked access to some of the FTP accounts - it was just seen as a failed drive read, and the parity reconstruction still permitted access.
I think the key problem was that FTP servers he used (or the FTPfs driver) didn't allow for partial writes to files, so every time you changed something, large amounts of data was re-uploaded. So there were possibilities for optimization.....

Enjoy & share if you get anywhere !


Comment Re:In what quantity? (Score 2) 146

Yeah, you really need to understand electronic manufacturing.
You don't really get massive mark-downs for volume - maybe 70% difference from 1 to 1 million.
It's like kit-cars, they are not 1000 times the price of a comparible Ford, even though Ford make a 100 million more that you do.

Hence being able to price up the hardware in these teardowns. Yeah, maybe they are 10% out, but they're not 30% out, and both teardowns will be wrong by the same degree...

Comment Re:All this trouble. (Score 1) 400

He's not been CHARGED with anything - the cops just want to question him.

Ooops, but then Sweden, out of nowhere, gets a extradition order from the US. Not being charged in Sweden means local charges don't prevent him from leaving, so what do you know, Jules, welcome to GITMO.

Comment Re:how is he going to leave the UK? (Score 0) 400 he'll stay on Ecudorian soil, the embassy, until he's so annoying for the UK government that the risk of him embaressingly staying (still doing his Russia Today programmes and other interviews), or embaressingly 'sneaking out' and disappearing, is worse than the promise Ecudor to allow him to leave for the Ecudor mainland.

He's been interned in his home in the UK for 18 months, so being interned some more isn't really a problem, is it ? All the while the case in Sweden looses credibility, and his extradition to Sweden looks more and more shakey.

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