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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Second Life Seeks Sensitive Data About Residents

deviantphil writes: Linden Labs, the company that runs Second Life, is seeking to roll out a new age verification mechanism which among others things may require residents to turn over their Social Security Number, government ID, or other sensitive personally identifying data in order to access content which is "explicitly sexual or excessively violent in nature". This would be equivalent to requiring a person to give out their Social Security Number before purchasing a game rated "M".

Submission + - Debunking a bogus encryption statement

deviantphil writes: Recently where I work someone tried to assert that encrypting a file twice with a 64 bit algorithm in equivalent to encrypting it once with a 128 bit algorithm. I know enough about encryption to know that isn't true but I am having difficulties explaining why and how. Doesn't each pass of the encryption having a separate file header make this assertion not true? Can anyone point me to references that would better help me explain this?

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