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Comment Kids need to understand information not coding (Score 3, Informative) 145

Not everyone needs to know how to code. What everyone does need to understand is information. How do I find the information I need to solve a problem? How do I discern the quality of that information? I'm I looking at different information or multiple views of the same information. How does visualizing information in different ways help us solve problems.

Comment Coding != Software Development/Engineering (Score 2) 616

Coding is what kids do in their basements and students do in CS class. Coding is to a professional software developer/engineer what skating is to a professional hockey player. The job can't be done without it, but it's only one of many core skills. Yea, it may not require a lot of math, but don't expect to be able to just code and get far.

Comment 2 space stations are better than 1 (Score 4) 54

This is great news and I hope the Chinese are successful. I hope their space station is an improvement on the ISS so then the ISS can improve on that and vice-versa. We have touched space a few times (LOE is not really space, but the doorstep) but there are problems to be solved there before moving to space space.

Comment The report methodology seems biased (Score 1) 94

From the Dice article: (at the bottom under methodology of the study)

Respondents needed to have hired at least one Linux professional in the last year, or have plans to hire Linux professionals in 2015 to participate in the survey, and they were allowed to check as many responses to questions as appropriate.

So they only surveyed people that hired a Linux professional last year or plan to hire one this year to determine if the need for Linux talent was on the rise?

Comment A cost-benefit analysis would be nice first (Score 1) 307

A little NASA regulation is not preventing this. In fact, we already let people voluntarily die during the course of their job. The military (from where astronauts typically come) is a perfect example of this. I'm sure if the benefits outweighed the costs, a one-way manned mission would happen in a heartbeat (though it may not be marketed as such.)

Comment Don't all games do this? (Score 2) 81

I thought this was standard operating procedure for any game these days.

Here are two pages full of examples, many for games most people never heard about:

That being said; EVE Online has done amazing things through their willingness to listen and work with fans and players. I wish more games were like that.

Comment Re:$70/mo for TV ... (Score 1) 72

Yes, you are responsible for doing the research on what you buy. If you do not like that, move back in with mom and dad.

tl/dr; version

The company behavior is ultimately driven by the people. If the company can make more profit selling $300 plans with more than people need vs. a simple $40 plan with just what you need they generally will and must. The fact that they just hide these plans (legally) is immaterial as they are not hard to find (I asked how to get barebone service and they told me.) You are also free to shop around and choose the best value/fit for you. The fact that they have been offering such expensive plans for so long underscore the public acceptance of it.

Comment Re:$70/mo for TV ... (Score 3, Interesting) 72

You can get comparable prices in the US for similar service (except we can't seem to break 25megs down.) They are just not advertised and you need to specifically ask and work with a customer service person to get your bill down that low. The problem in the US is the public, not the businesses. Most people are content to pay the huge prices to the telecom companies because they generally do not know any better or different. Many people in the US also have been duped into think they "need" more than 30 TV channels. We prefer several hundred channels of nothing to watch to 30.

Comment MS doesn't get it #dealwithit (Score 1, Insightful) 236

I'm sorry, but I don't get the drama around Microsoft not getting it. Microsoft has been nothing but fail recently. It's the world we live in. #dealwithit

Windows phone
Surface Tablets
Always on DRM
Charging $$$ to watch your paid for Netflix account on XBox
Windows 8

I wonder what they will add this year to the fail list

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