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Comment Re:Damned shame (Score 3, Interesting) 362

It's even more sociable accepted way in Asia, where arcades and co-op arcade games still flourish. There's always lots of teenagers playing those games in malls and arcades.

Actually gaming in general is more social in Asia. Even if you play on computer, you go play in a net cafe with your friends and theres always other people around and playing with you - instead of you playing alone in a dark basement.

Comment Re:Good! More people should play chess. (Score -1, Offtopic) 56

What's wrong with chess? I find that it increases your intelligence and strategical thinking even more than some computer games. It has very basic ruleset but tons of strategies you can use while all the same time seeing everything your opponent does and he does too. It needs some skillful thinking.

Comment Re:Yay... (Score 0) 125

Another company blows all their money on a data center...

Yeah, I think it's quite unbelievable that companies are wasting their money on things they require in their business. There must be like a million better uses for it than actually making sure their business works and grows.

Comment Re:Is this even a story? (Score 0) 288

It might be surprising, but the rest of the world doesn't always work the same way as US. We also value privacy and don't release public records on just arrests and people could be arrested, questioned and released to wait for outcome if there is no threat to anyone or reason to believe he might try to flee the country, for example.

Comment Socially engineered attacks ARE a huge problem (Score 0) 205

Note that the report focus on socially engineered malware which is actually a huge problem currently. This includes all those malicious links on twitter, facebook, instant messaging and so on. They are coming directly from your friends, so most people assume they are safe. If Internet Explorer 9 beta blocks 99% of those and Chrome only 3%, that makes a huge difference.

Just like the days of worms automatically spreading over the internet via remote exploits are quite much gone, the amount of drive-by download exploits is lowering too. However a well-crafted socially engineered attack will always work on people and as a bonus it works across all browsers and even on Mac OSX and Linux. That is, if browser isn't itself trying to prevent those, like Internet Explorer 9 is. With IE's sandboxing and this feature, IE9 is surely starting to look like a really secure browser for people to use. Now, if companies would just start updating their stuff and abandon IE6...

Comment Yahoo currently (Score 0, Troll) 164

Is Yahoo even relevant with anything anymore? They shut down their own search, they shut down geocities, no one really uses portal sites anymore and they don't make any hardware or provide services. The only thing I can think of is email, which is also is far away from popularity of gmail and hotmail. What do they even do?

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