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Comment Do they have ADHD? (Score 1) 258

It's quiet possible that the patents in the study who responded favorably have a form of ADHD and that playing Starcraft 2 gives their minds the mental stimulation they've been lacking. By giving these people Bupropion you're basically replacing the mental stimulation of Starcraft with the dopamine-induced stimulation of medication which basically allows them to be able to better focus on things other than video games. Ultimately it may prove that they are dependent on video games much like many of us are dependent on psychoactive drugs for our own well being.

Submission + - AT&T Wi-Fi to existing broadband customers (

cswiii writes: According to this story, AT&T will begin making its wi-fi hotspots freely available to some existing broadband customers. Noting that some customers have also reported lower DSL costs following the Bell South/AT&T merger, is this unlikely fit of altruism by Ma Bell a trend that will continue?

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