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Comment Re:Don't know why - but I like it (Score 1) 2288

Being Canadian, I'm fairly metric-centric, but I agree with you that the kilometre does seem too short, the cm too small. I've never been able to put my finger on why though, just a feeling. A half-litre of beer feels perfect though, for some reason. Is 355ml an imperial measure? Cans of beer feel too small!

Comment Re:the reasoning of an 8-year old child (Score 1) 270

You're missing the point. They're still arguing over whether or not what they've done is illegal. Paramount to your nephew calling his little sister "Beach," getting in trouble, and arguing that it's a nickname that even the teacher uses when referring to her. Isohunt: What I did is not illegal. Court: Yes it was, this is what you did. Isohunt: No, that is not illegal. See, Google does it and you don't prosecute them. Precedent for its legality.

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