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Comment Re:Not unambiguously bad (Score 0) 318

The "American" military is a private force owned by the plutocracy of banking elites to protect "their" interests. It is no more owned by the American people than the government represents them which it does not. Do not assume that the American people are at war with anybody, we are not.

Comment Re:Microsoft doesn't get it... (Score 0) 675

I have installed Linux and LXDE on close to twenty machines for friends and family in the past year and have yet been asked by a single one how to work the command line. All of them can move their movies, ebooks, photos, music, and contacts/calender seamlessly between there desktops and Android phones or other devices as simple files, Many of them enjoy their legacy X86 apps in wine and do not fear Linux because it is so simple and elegant. Most of them are using the excellent software that is incredible easy to install from the software manager and from synaptic. They all enjoy all the Internet has to offer except silverlight, a MS product. This is what MS is really afraid of. What you are saying is complete FUD.

Comment Re:Paid the lawyers (Score 0) 336

You guys seem to think that one slimy grease ball walked away with 13 million. It is not this way. This case took 2 years to litigate. It was probably headed up by a single principle partner. Then he has his team lets say 3-6 licensed Laywers. And then there are the secretaries, office space, equipment and other overhead, the expert and non expert(victim) witness compensation. The typical mark up for billable hours is around 33% so after all is said and done the firm which handled this case shelled out 8 million dollars which they would not recoup if they lost the case. so after everybody else gets paid the principle will bonus out his team take a million for himself and split the rest with the partners in his firm. So after practicing law for 20 years and fighting his way to the top of the pile only one grease ball got rich to the tune of about a half a million per year off of this case.

He deserved it, His firm ponied up the money and they won the case on behalf of the victims, I say kudos to them for their professionalism and hard work, If your mad that the layers get all the money you just have professional envy. You can go to law school for 10 years and work your ass off for that kind of money too. It is never free.

As for your assertion of your deserved compensation, I agree they should pony up the full price and compensate you for your loss. You are free to not join in the class action lawsuit and sue them yourself. You will probably get what you sue for if you have reasonable proof that the graphics card is causing your problems, good thing you are a techie and can generate this kind of proof. Good luck on your lawsuit sir.

Comment Re:You overlooked something... (Score 0) 607

While i understand your sentiment, the fact is that a lot of people in the US actually believe in capitalism being unrestrained is a good thing. They actually are right wing and what you see in politics is a mirror image of the actual beliefs of the US population. You can disagree with the policy all you want but you cant force people to believe with you ideologically, they have to come to those realizations themselves and vote accordingly.

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