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Noisebridge Attempts to Teach Science To Juggalos 198

Working on the assumption that the Insane Clown Posse's song Miracles was indeed a tribute to the wonder of nature and not the cleverest troll ever, some folks from the hackerspace Noisebridge decided to try and educate ICP fans. Surprisingly, most of the fans seemed to enjoy the science lesson, but representatives of the band didn't seem to think it was funny.

Comment Use a Makefile (Score 1) 426

Since you're doing tests, your tests should have outputs, so use a makefile. This will allow you to test only things that have changed, since makefiles have built-in timestamp checking. For instance, let's say you have a series of ".test" files, and ".output" files, and a command "runtest" that runs your test, you can use a makefile like this:

TARGETS = one.output two.output three.output

all: $(TARGETS)
    cat *output > /dev/printer

%.output: %.test
     runtest $<

Comment Re:Ted Dziuba (Score 1) 619

At least it's about programming. Let's look at some of the other Slashdot topics today...

FOSS denies sexism
Slashdot rules upgraded
Vista Didn't Suck
Remember that Cloud with the Thunderbolts?
Robot Spiders ... in your ass, so your doc doesn't have to smell you. expect mild discomfort
Fake Brain That Doesn't Work Open Sores'd
Reading linked to Skin Cancer by solar e-Book
Euro's take over space, guns that don't kill

So much technology, so little science. So much politics, so little engineering. That's slashdot for you - it's the cultural aspects of a very logic-ridden community. A little piece about a programmer, even a fool corporate whore programmer who stands for ridiculous anti-programming principles, is appreciated by this little one, at least.

Comment Re:Ted Dziuba (Score 1) 619

He's a model for embellishing beneficial corporate stereotypes. It's also best not to start programming until you enter college, and then only as necessary for your appropriate classes. Wouldn't want to clutter up your brain with worthless languages now would Inc?

Working at home takes energy you could be giving to the Corp. If you insist on working on your off-time, at least work on a side-project for your own job like a person who truly appreciates his job. No more of this dilly dallying making social networks, video games, and suspicious network tunnels at home; optimize Billy Joel's three-year-old equipment maintenance prediction system, written in ASP! What, you don't like ASP? Fuck, you must be one of those kids who learned to program when he was 3 and always thought he was better than Inc's trained monkeys, just because he knew how a for loop works! The arrogance, the boastfullness, the lack of respect for proper tried and true authority is simply outstanding!

.... so, that's why.

Comment Re:Apples to Oranges? (Score 1) 436

Mostly I agree but I would say that the professional way (especially in school) is not always the right way. Sometimes hacks ARE the right way... so long as you clean them up, later. I became a programmer first, then went to school for it, then learned that they were teaching me to be stupid, and left. Professional all the way, but a bit hackish too.

Comment Re:Hackers vs Designers - Hackers Loose every time (Score 1) 436

Thank you!

The original article is so annoying. Nasty nationalized stereotypes trying to make people think you have to either be sloppy or conformist. My designs are beautiful, elegant creations. They rarely follow any kind of "organizational development process" (except that I do MAKE a plan, though it only loosely gets followed: that's the idea) or "coding standards" (except in security, readability, and maintenance). I'm definitely not a hacker, but I'm not some half-dead brainwashed programming drone, either. Thank God.

Your writeup provides nice simple dichotomy with direct correlations and some minor humor, no hacking or cowboy shooting needed. And you don't seem terribly at risk for being accused of conforming to organizational development processes and coding standards, either. Cheers to you, particularly for the typos!

(ftr, it's true that I'm unemployable by most of the nasty corporations, being self-educated and kicked out of school for my non-cowboy, non-indian points of view. I don't really mind, as I still get paid enough by my lovely corporation to live by. At least til the project's done...)

-another american designer

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