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Comment Re:Whatcouldpossiblygowrong (Score 2, Informative) 251

To be fair, I don't know of a better way to test, and I'd love to see a discussion of better utilities. If I tried this I'd probably do mprime and keep an eye out for MCE's in the system logs, but don't delude yourself into thinking that core is error free because you ran prime95.

There are quite a few tools, mainly found in the overclocking communities. OCCT, Linx and Intel Overburn just to name some.


Submission + - C programming language back at number 1 (tiobe.com)

derrida writes: After more than 4 years C is back at position number 1 in the TIOBE index. The scores for C have been pretty constant through the years, varying between the 15% and 20% market share for almost 10 years. So the main reason for C's number 1 position is not C's uprise, but the decline of its competitor Java. Java has a long-term downward trend. It is losing ground to other languages running on the JVM. An example of such a language is JavaFX script that is now approaching the top 20.

Submission + - Where Microsoft's Profits Come From (businessinsider.com) 1

derrida writes: Microsoft is the largest, most profitable software company in the world.
In case you had any doubts about where Microsoft's profit comes from, there's nothing better than a graph to make all those numbers clear. As you may have guessed, the desktop division is quite profitable, while the online division is a money pit.

Submission + - Inkscape 0.47 released (inkscape.org)

derrida writes: After over a year of intensive development and refactoring, Inkscape 0.47 is out. This version of the SVG-based vector graphics editor brings improved performance and tons of new features, some of which are as follows: timed autosave, Spiro splines, auto-smooth nodes, Eraser tool, new modes in Tweak tool, snapping options toolbar & greater snapping abilities, new live path effects (including Envelope), over 200 preset SVG filters, new Cairo-based PS and EPS export, spell checker, many new extensions, optimized SVG code options, and much more.

Additionally, it would be wrong to not mention the hundreds of bug fixes. Check out the full release notes for more information about what has changed, enjoy the screenshots, or just jump right to downloading your package for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

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