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Comment This is a good thing (Score 5, Informative) 323

I'm glad Microsoft is doing this. It's a deterrent to developers putting up untested patches. This could have been avoided if instead of rushing out the first patch, it was put through the ringer. And if thats too much to ask because you're an 'indie dev' then maybe you arent ready to be on XBLA. MS actually has outlets for smaller devs that can't handle the costs/restrictions of XBLA or boxed games, XBLIG. And XBLIG doesnt have an update tax.

It may sound harsh, but the bottom line is, if this is an issue, you probably shouldn't be on XBLA yet.


Comment This is a common practice (Score 1) 716

Many athletes from other countries with very high tax rates (Sweden for example) would become naturalized US citizens because the US was well known for having tons of tax loop holes for the wealthy.Now that those loop holes are closing, the flow of greedy rich people of flowing the other way. It's really not a big deal now that globalization has devalued citizenship for the most part.


The Internet

Submission + - Former G4 Exec Creates Gaming Radio Network Using Kickstarter (allgames.com) 1

derrickh writes: "All Games Radio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an expansion that will add more broadcasts, an enhanced web presence, and allow it to become a self sustaining 24 hour gaming talk radio network.

G4 Network co-founder Scot Rubin started All Games Radio as a home for independent gaming radio shows and podcasts. His goal was to give gamers a voice in the billion dollar gaming industry. The network currently hosts over a dozen live and taped shows that touch many different genres of gaming.

'With so many gaming media sites and shows being bought out by giant corporations, it's really important to have an independent network informing and entertaining gamers.' said Derrick Hopkins , host of one of the many podcasts on All Games Radio."

Comment It's the Same Everywhere (Score 5, Interesting) 103

You have to realize that somewhere on the net there's a surveillance camera forum with guys saying 'businesses are too cheap to invest in multiple cam setups to cover exploitable deadzones'... and there's a locksmith forum with guys saying 'These companies are still relying on double bolt slide locks, when everyone knows they can be bypassed with a simple Krasner tool!'...and there's a car autosecurity forum wondering why companies still use basic Lo-jack instead of the new XYZ system.. and don't forget the personnel consulting forum where everyone complains that companies don't invest enough in training to recognize grifting attempts on employees.

It's a never ending list and to expect everyone to be on top of all of them at all times is n't realistic.


Comment Servers Aren't Free (Score 1) 271

Unlike PC games where you can create your own dedicated server, most Console multiplayer games have to go through a server run by the company. This costs money. Game companies don't make any money from used sales and so the cost doesnt filter down. So either- 1) The '1st sale' price needs to be raised to cover the cost of used copies using the server or - 2) have the buyer of the used game pay for the cost of playing online (if they want to, since it's optional)


Comment Re:Incompetent managers (Score 1) 62

You're actually blaming the victim? It's your fault for a thief picking your pocket, getting your keys and stealing your car because you should've had it chained to your waist? The home invasion was your fault because you didn't pay extra for the level 5 security system?

This wasn't a case of the IT staff inviting people into the office, sitting them at a PC with a list of passwords on the desktop. The criminal did very specific, targeted things to falsify keys and identities to gain access.

Comment Re:Violated Wheaton's Law, chose to be a dick (Score 1) 469

But it's not illegal to be a dick. You can be an asshole in Best Buy all day long to the point of being kicked out, but that doesnt mean Sony is going to come into your house and remove the TV you bought.

Dont forget that the laws in the US aren't just for people you like. They protect people you don't like, too. And thats good, because there are people out there who don't like -you-.


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