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Comment Re:Why would anyone want Linux on the desktop? (Score 1) 383

Linux is hard to configure, well sometime yes, other no. Sharing a drive is a click away. LibreOffice has become good enough; seriously, you should try it on Windows. NVidia proprietary video driver is pretty much on par with Windows. Games, well it depends if you play them or not. Many do not care; thus the reason why they departed from Windows to tablets.

If you want solid reason for disliking Linux, read my take on it at My disastrous experience with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Thar.

Despite, I still love Linux and am a hard core fan. The reasons can be found here.

Comment Re:Isn't that your failure... (Score 1) 383

Sorry, but with Linux, you must be very careful of the DESKTOP device you buy. Many do not have the proper driver. Windows may not work out of the box with the device, but the device drivers are readily available. For one, as far as I know, there exist no game wheel which force feedback works completely on Linux. Many specialized game mouse do not work well. Even the Steam Controller has some issue and require a proprietary driver (which I read; not lived). Some Wacom tablets do work, some don't.

Comment Re:Kernel not just plug and play (Score 1) 117

Embedded Arduino development. Python development.

I've pulled a hard drive from my desktop and tossed it in my laptop and FreeBSD didn't know the difference. (Windows can't get past a BSOD).

I did the same with Linux kernel. That is how I upgrade my hardware; just put the old HD into the new laptop. Some automatic configuration is then performed. Maybe I have to configure the graphic card with the GUI, but I do not remember. As easy as it can be.

Comment Re:Let 'em eat Pi (Score 1) 231

You might be able to get Android source code for free, at least a large part of it (exluding binary blobs), but my beef is that when I buy an Android phone, it does not come rooted and for some models, I cannot root it (there is no recipe). When there is a way, it is not easy. Most basic freedom is able to get root/admin powers on your device, and now more and more devices does not make it easy to get them.

Comment My bad experience with Ubuntu. (Score 0) 349

I add my voice to those with bad experiences with Linux, in my case, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Thar. You can read the full details on my blog here (pretty long list of bugs): In essence, the big problem are bugs. Never mind compatibility with other OSs or Apps missing; if the desktop is not even reliable, you cannot even recommend it for simple browsing. And while I report against Ubuntu, since many components are used by other distributions, I expect many of the same problems to occur on other distributions.

Comment Re:I can't recommend Linux any longer. (Score 1) 515

I totally agree with you that Linux for the desktop has taken a turn for the worst and I too, have a hard time promoting it. One can read about my bad experience at: I describe most of my problems with screenshots and bug reports, the latter which get mostly never resolved.

Comment Re:No support for SteamOS? (Score 1) 67

Cannot give you the details because I am no expert, but under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Thar, I have no force feedback on my Logitech joysticks and wheel, with any game. I recall reading that the Linux driver for force feedback is immature, but I cannot find the article. Also, Logitech controllers, I believe, use a proprietary protocol.

Comment Re:Why always Ubuntu on these boxes? (Score 1) 123

Red Hat scurries away from consumer desktop market:

If Red Hat goes after some Desktop market, it is for specialized, corporate markets. Not for general consumers and surely not on laptop.

As for Canonical's resources, I guess they are split half and half between the server business and consumer business, the server business fuelling the consumer initiative. Currently they are focusing on the tablet / smartphone. Desktop is pretty largely pushed aside for the moment; this is obvious by the low quality (numerous bugs) of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Comment Re:Why always Ubuntu on these boxes? (Score 1) 123

Fedora LTS version is RHEL which is expensive, though they could install CentOS

But manly, it is a laptop and not a server they are selling. RedHat has never been interested in selling a desktop solution (just to contradict me, I believe that recently they have a workstation version comming up). Ubuntu is first and foremost concentrating on the Desktop experience. Steam supports Ubuntu, not Fedora. Ubuntu is what is closest to Windows and Mac as for support. It had wifi connection via GUI two years before Fedora got it.

And if you do not like Unity, you can try Gubuntu. It should look familliar to Fedora as it runs Gnome 3.

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