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Denver Bomb Squad Takes Out Toy Robot 225

An anonymous reader writes "A robot met its end near Coors Field tonight when the Denver Police Department Bomb Squad detonated the 'suspicious object,' bringing to an end the hours-long standoff between police and the approximately eight-inch tall toy. From the article: "'Are you serious?' asked Denver resident Justin Kent, 26, when police stopped him from proceeding down 20th Street. Kent said that he lived just past the closed area, but was told he would have to go around via Park Avenue.'"

Comment Re:That's good (Score 1) 622

Imagine if the US outlawed Aluminum recycling because at some point in the process you could use it as Thermite.

Otherwise homeless people picking up cans from trash would have been put on the terrorist watch list.

I think you have found a plank in the 2012 GOP platform.

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