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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How Do I Deal With Organizations Double Down On The DMCA Process? (

szyzyg writes: "I've created som popular science videos showing how asteroid discoveries have happened over the last few decades. However I've run into a problem with a religious orgnization which borrowed my video and redubbed it to promote their religious message. Ultimately I filed a DMCA takedown request via Youtube's site, it's as easy as filling in a form and the video was removed. But this organization has since submitted a counterclaim claiming 'under penalty of perjury' that they do in fact have the rights to this work, and youtube has reinstated the video. It looks like the only way I can pursue this further is to spend the money to take the organization to court and get an injunction, but even if I did so I'd have to pay court costs up front and since they're based in another country I'd have a difficult time actually collecting any money from the other party. It feels like this other group is simply gambling that I won't spend the time and resources to take further legal action, the DMCA is supposed to provide equal protection but the more lawyer you have the more 'equal' you are. So does anyone have any suggestions for how I should proceed here?"

Comment Fastest (Score 1) 165

200Mbps/30Mbps upload, at $200 per month for the first three months. Other than that, 100Mbps/50Mbps upload Oh, don't forget about the 250GB Cap (Combined upload and download), it's $1 /GB after that. My ISP called me out of the blue and said they were changing their pricing, and I was using 450GB of data. My next bill "was going to be $300" but they were waiving it where it was a new policy. Fucking Canadian Duopoly.
The Internet

Submission + - Romney Says No to 'Net Neutrality'

Hugh Pickens writes writes: " invited thousands of scientists, engineers and concerned citizens to submit what they felt were the the most important science questions facing the nation that the candidates for president should be debating on the campaign trail and is publishing the candidate's replies on their web site. One of the clearest differences between the two candidates concerns net neutrality because while President Obama reiterates his support for an open internet, Romney thinks the FCC’s rules promoting “net neutrality” are the fulfillment of a campaign promise that was made to special interests. "It is not the role of any government to “manage” the Internet. The Internet has flourished precisely because government has so far refrained from regulating this dynamic and essential cornerstone of our economy. I would rely primarily on innovation and market forces, not bureaucrats, to shape the Internet and maximize its economic, social and scientific value," says Romney. "President Obama has chosen to impose government as a central gatekeeper in the broadband economy. His policies interfere with the basic operation of the Internet, create uncertainty, and undermine investors and job creators. Specifically, the FCC’s “Net Neutrality” regulation represents an Obama campaign promise fulfilled on behalf of certain special interests, but ultimately a “solution” in search of a problem. The government has now interjected itself in how networks will be constructed and managed, picked winners and losers in the marketplace, and determined how consumers will receive access to tomorrow’s new applications and services. The Obama Administration’s overreaching has replaced innovators and investors with Washington bureaucrats.""

Comment Misc Mail order pharmacy?? Pfft. (Score 1) 630

I worked in a Apple Call Centre. Apple the computer and iPhone company. Doing front line tech support. (1-800-APL-CARE). You know, Steve Jobs, etc. A real company, with 60 BILLION in the bank. We got 4 min a day for bathroom breaks. It was labeled "9. Aux" on the softphone, but when the only time you go in the code is to leave your desk, for something not covered by 1-8 and the only time you can leave your desk without a managers specific approval is to use the washroom, we all knew what they were doing.

Comment Shipment of food every 6 months (Score 1) 220

Why can't you? McDonalds figured this out 40 years ago, a Drive through. Actually, I'm patenting a Drive-Thru (In Space, on a mobile device) If it's a year and a half trip, send the first batch of food 1.5 years before leaving, the second 1 year before leaving, and the third 6 months before leaving. The first one lands on Mars, the other two are put in orbit around the sun in a straight (ish) line to mars. When the ship carrying people is 2-3 days out, accelerate the food to the speed of the ship so that they are travelling the same speed beside each other. Dock, and voila! Space Drive Thru
Social Networks

Submission + - UK Man Jailed for Trolling (

punkedmonkey writes: ""A Berkshire man has been jailed for posting abusive messages online about a schoolgirl after she committed suicide.
Sean Duffy, 25, of Reading, was handed an 18-week sentence for posts on social networking sites about Worcester teenager Natasha MacBryde.

The charges related to Facebook and YouTube posts about Miss MacBryde, 15, who Duffy had never met.""

The Courts

Submission + - Man jailed for trolling ( 1

Xest writes: A man in the UK has been jailed for just over 4 months for trolling, and has also been given an order banning him from using social networking sites for 5 years. The trolling in question involved insulting a person who committed suicide by jumping in front a train by posting offensive remarks on a page dedicated to her memory, and creating a YouTube parody of Thomas the Tank with the deceased girls face in place of Thomas'.

Is it about time trolling to this extent saw this kind of punishment, or is this punishment simply too harsh for someone who perhaps didn't realise how seriously his actions would be taken by the authorities?


Submission + - Does Fatherhood Make Men Wimpy? (

sciencehabit writes: Humans are probably the only species on Earth who nurture their young for 20 years or more. For men in particular, the intensive demands of parenting can come as such a shock that a built-in biological mechanism has evolved to help cope with the change. A new study shows that becoming a father leads to a sharp decline in testosterone, suggesting that although high levels of the hormone may help men win a mate, testosterone-fueled traits such as aggression and competition are less useful when it comes to raising children.

Submission + - FBI Calls Anonymous a National Security Threat (

itwbennett writes: "According to what purports to be a leaked psychological assessment of the leaders of LulzSec and Anonymous by the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, Anonymous is not only not a collection of individuals, it's a coherent group that poses a threat to national security. Neither the FBI nor the Dept. of Homeland Security have commented on the document, which may well be a fake, but seems to reflect accurately the thinking behind a series of DHS warning bulletins and crackdowns that have resulted in 75 raids and 16 arrests of Anonymous members just this year."

Submission + - Happy Programmer Day! (

netbuzz writes: "As made-up holidays go, today’s event – Programmer Day – doesn’t get the attention or respect of, say, SysAdmin Day or Talk Like a Pirate Day. (One exception appears to be Russia, where “Programmers’ Day” has been “officially recognized” since 2009.) Yet programmers and their fans are taking to public forums, if not in droves at least in growing groups, to give coders their due respect."
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - A Look at the Compgen Bash Builtin (

An anonymous reader writes: Linux and other Unix-type systems contain a wealth of features under the surface. Oftentimes, however, these features are non-obvious and hard to find. Compgen, a GNU Bash builtin that shows all possible completions, is one such feature.

Submission + - Intel to Universities: No Patents, Please, Just Op (

sproketboy writes: "Since January, four U.S. universities have agreed to host Intel Science and Technology Centers (ISTCs) that will be funded at the rate of $2.5 million a year for five years. But wait, there’s A Catch: the company has made it a condition that in order to receive the millions, your university must open source any resulting software and inventions that come out of this research funding."

Submission + - All hail the 'supercloud' (

twoheadedboy writes: "The term 'supercloud' might sound like marketing puffery but underneath the silly name is a fine concept. Essentially, it outlines a cloud model where services can scale into other vendors' clouds. So when an outage occurs in one vendor's data center — as we've seen happen a few times in 2011 — a company's data or apps running in that cloud could failover into another cloud run by a different vendor. Of course, this would need providers to be truly open, not to mention the extra investment to hook up different clouds. Could the supercloud ever become a reality?"

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