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Comment Re:Controller? (Score 1) 118

You do realize that this claim is completely ludicrous. I think any type of legal personality would laugh in your face if you said this to them.

Ill remember to avoid the blue box of kellogs cereal and get the red one, EVERYONE knows the blue one is laced with cyanide... if you buy it then its your own fault.

Thats about the same level of stupidity I find in your statement that everyone should know they have a 33 % chance of getting a crappy xbox. You think my grandma knows what a RROD is? Or the bros playing madden? Really? You ask way too much... lol

Comment Re:Controller? (Score 1) 118

You HAVE to think this way in America.

No one is looking out for you. Those days are OVER. Corporations have the same rights as people, except they are better than you in every way in the eyes of the law. Not only that but they have almost limitless resources relative to the consumer and can get what they want. I don't need to go into detail over how corporations run America these days, old news.

I couldn't agree more with you aveng. You need to get yours. Use YOUR moral compass while also consulting ethics of today's society. Weigh them and act as you see fit. In the end you only have to answer to yourself.

Some companies know when they are doing something wrong. Read a little bit about Toyota over the last 10 years and you will see that they abandoned their old practices and got fixated on over taking GM as the worlds largest carmaker. They still claimed to put quality over everything else but this was a lie. There are so many signs that Toyota could give a shit less about the quality of your car if you just do a little research. I totally believe they used to but they abandoned that ideal.Toyota will fall for its mistakes. I assure you that the cookie has only started to crumble for Toyota and in the coming months investigators will uncover a shitload of dirt on their practices. Almost all companies are guilty of some type of malfeasance it just is not uncovered until the spot light is on said company.

Remember, ethics are for everyone, and morals are for you =)

Comment Re:Moratorium (Score 1) 452

Idea: Wait till the lobbyists have grown up with the internet and understand it.

Better Idea: Wait till the bosses of said lobbyists have grown up with the internet and understand it.

Holy shit I am on a roll today, better idea yet: Wait until the Jew bankers that run the planet have grown up with the internet =P

Comment Re:Hopenchange! (Score 1) 452

You make a good point but fail to make the connection that they all LIE.

They just LIE about different things. These topics that they LIE about are just changed to appeal to certain types of voters/whatever will get them the most votes at the time. It's like a fun game of musical chairs.

Bush was tough on terrorists and could care less about civil rights. He was proud of this. Like any good Republican he wanted smaller government, but we all know he LIED about that...

Comment Difficulty Level (Score 3, Interesting) 331

Being the kind of gamer that enjoys a good challenge I am pretty disappointed with ME2

The story is great! The game is a cake walk even on insanity difficulty. I think they made combat way too simplified and the AI is simply annoying. There could be a few simple changes to make combat a lot more enjoyable.

There could be "behavior" buttons to toggle for your AI partners. Defensive, somewhere inbetween, and full out attack.

Yeah I am playing on Insanity but it is annoying when my AI partner decides to not take cover when he/she has just been hit by 2 rockets in rapid succession and thinks its a good idea to keep firing his/her heavy pistol at 5 synthetics. I just end up killing all the enemies and then waiting for them to get back up, not worth the medi gels lol.

To counter this I pause the game and make an effort to set up my AI partners behind cover that is wide enough to support 2 people. This way you can alternate cover positions to keep the AI moving which keeps them from getting hit. It works well but a simple button to tell them to take some damn cover is not asking for too much.

However after getting to around level 14-15, after the collector ship, its a non issue since any enemies encountered are dead within seconds. (tip: cloak + incisor rifle = win)

BioWare get it together please. Dragon Age on insanity was not easy on my first play through, but it was not hard either. DA was much harder than ME2 though.

I wouldn't even dare put Baldur's Gate 2 on the highest difficulty. That game scares me with how hard it can be. I want to have some respect for the hardest difficulty level in a game on the first play through at the very least. It could just be that I was about 12 when I played BG2 for the first time though =)

Comment Re:Compliance Rates & Hands-Free Use (Score 1) 406

This is stupid idea, sorry.

People should be able to determine whether or not they are endangering their lives by talking on the phone. Not some test that will undoubtedly be flawed and manipulated.

I consider my self excellent at doing several things at once. There are times where I will not carry on a cell phone conversation and it is a judgment call on my part every time. It usually comes down to whether or not I am driving in a familiar area where I know my way around in my sleep. Another factor is the type of conversation and who it is with. If I am trying to have a focused and or emotional conversation I will save it for when I reach my destination.

If people can't do this then maybe they deserve to crash. As for the people they crash into? Well bad things happen all the time, not like we can pass a law that will magically stop all of that from happening. We can focus our efforts wherever we want as a society, we just need to pick the right battles. Something so fundamental as paying attention while driving seems like a losing one.

Wait a second, just realized that if we could somehow mind control people into paying attention there would be fewer accidents....

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 1) 177

I read about events that happen on the internet in short headlines to get an idea of what is happening.

When my Economist comes to my door on Monday I read the articles for the commentary which is usually quite good compared to the drivel I find on the internet.

If I cant wait I can also log into their pay website and read things on my computer screen.

The problem is newspapers don't offer insightful analysis.

The Economist actually offered a very good piece on network effects and how newspapers have been shaped by them.

If you study the history of the newspaper you will see that the propagation of news was slow in the 1800s. To make up for this, newspapers were heavily based on analysis, prediction, and opinion to pull in readers. Of course, over time this process has been reversed slightly but the trend has left its mark.

The internet is simply sorting through the newspapers that offer quality analysis and chucking the rest.

I no longer need someone to find out facts that the internet finds for me! It is simply a machine doing the job that a person used to do.

When you improve efficiency in production you often cut jobs. (think robots doing human work)

When you improve efficiency in news reporting you often cut news sources!

It is a very simple parallel and I cannot stand the constant claims of entitlement by the industry.

You are not special, adapt or be destroyed.

So please, improve the content of your paper or go off into a corner and die quietly. I am certain that the newspapers that deserve to survive this transformation will!

My personal prediction is that the weekly newspaper will maintain its position while daily newspapers will be all but forgotten in the future. Probably a biased view since I get most of my news from a weekly source but I do believe that it is the perfect balance.

Instant simple facts from the internet with insightful commentary that I pay for on a weekly basis. Throw in a weekly/monthly science magazine and you are set!

Comment Re:Sounds like a realistic test to me (Score 1) 198

I think no matter what we can all agree that OnLive is not for your serious - regular gamers because they already have the hardware, even if it is outdated, and are used to playing on their local system.

Since the system has flaws it will likely not persuade them to try the service.

However, those who do not game due to the entry cost of a console or PC might find the idea neat and it could catch on.

Turn some casual/non gamers into regular gamers only knowing what the gaming experience is like through OnLive.

The important question to me is whether or not that specific market share is enough to make the company profitable. I have a feeling that the business model includes the large market of current gamers running on sub-par hardware as potential clients. Sorry, but I don't think you will be getting their business!

Who really knows? Everything is about marketing these days anyways, with the majority of America just repeating whatever was on American Idol last night.

Comment Re:Retard. (Score 1) 428

Electromagnetic fields do couple with human bodies. You do pick up EM radiation.

Note in the chart that the power densities are lowest among 10^2 - 5*10^2 MHz. There are several reasons for this. One is that when the chart was created a large number of devices used this frequency range.

Another important reason is the wavelength of such EM radiation.

For a human body to actually act as a receiver and extract power from an EM wave then the wavelength of that radiation must be on the order of the length of your body in a given orientation.

It just so happens that the most heavily regulated part of the frequency spectrum corresponds to the height of your average human.

It is also of interest as to why E fields are assigned lower values than H fields. This has to do with the relative permittivity being higher than the permeability of the human body which in turn affects the power extracted from a given EM wave.

EM radiation is not safe. The uninformed should not handle it. With a little bit of knowledge it is not all that bad. People with these Wi-Fi allergies should take a little bit of solace in the fact that people work to protect them from these harmful effects.

There is an incredible amount of people who think they know what EM radiation is but they do not. Do not spread your misinformation so freely :)

Comment Re:Ok for MMOs, perhaps... (Score 1) 190

You see a wide spread in the quality of endings from games put out by EA because they are simply the publisher and not the developer in many cases.

While EA has a say in matters that determine its profits for the most part the creative integrity of the project is up to the publisher...

Comment Re:Retard. (Score 2, Informative) 428

X-rays are most certainly detectable by humans.

The energy they contain is orders of magnitude higher than what a wireless router would emit.

Depending on the length of exposure you could determine whether or not you are being exposed to x-rays

Wi Fi is on the order of a GHz which is 10^9 Hz.

An X-ray is defined as a pretty large range but it starts at about 10^18 Hz.

Being that EM radiation energy is directly proportional to frequency you can see that the chances of experiencing thermal heating due to x-rays is not entirely unlikely. Not to mention you did not specify the intensity of the x-ray source.

My buddy in the Navy said he and a couple of crew members were accidently caught infront of one of the large radars on the ship.

They began to vomit immediately after exposure and felt terrible for hours.

Thats the power of EM radiation at high intensities...

You can also view the IEEE standards for allowable transmittable power densities at given frequency ranges. You think they would regulate this stuff if there was no danger?

I mean yeah what the guy is claiming is bogus but do not go so far as to claim x-rays are harmless. X-rays account for many times the mSv incurred on a given human body than any nuclear explosion or accident at a power plant has ever caused.


Man Sues Neighbor For Not Turning Off His Wi-Fi 428

Scyth3 writes "A man is suing his neighbor for not turning off his cell phone or wireless router. He claims it affects his 'electromagnetic allergies,' and has resorted to being homeless. So, why doesn't he check into a hotel? Because hotels typically have wireless internet for free. I wonder if a tinfoil hat would help his cause?"

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