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Comment Islam is a Problem (Score 5, Informative) 1011

When 40% of Muslims living in Britain want Sharia Law (Sharia Law includes death for those who insult Islam)
When 25% of all Muslims living in Britain support the 7/7 attacks
When a majority of Muslims support death sentences for those who leave the faith.

Then it is obvious that Islam has a real problem and is a real threat to the civilized world.

I know this isn't PC, but multiculturalism should not extend to cultures that want to commit violence against others. The quicker we realize this, the quicker we can stop the problem.

Comment Re:Meanwhile in Indian (Score 3, Interesting) 314

"When we violate it regularly, you have no fucking place to say anything to the contrary."

Wait. Your argument seems to have flipped 180 degrees. First you were saying that only the country's national laws applied, WTO rules be damned. Now you are saying that you are upset because you perceive that the US ignores the WTO. Rather inconsistent arguing.

Alleged "violations" (your term) are taken up with the WTO which decides if the complaint has merit and what the appropriate next steps are. This is exactly what happened with India and the United States.

And the reality is that the WTO rules against the United States often. A couple times each year I'll read about something where the US is found to have violated a rule, the WTO rules against the US and the US is forced to change its trade practices, pay restitution or both. In fact many groups in the US would like to see us out of the WTO because they say it hinders our ability to be competitive in the global market. I am not sure I agree with that, but it does show that the US doesn't simply ignore the WTO as you seem to think.

And I have viewed your posting history and strongly suggest you get counseling. You are obviously a very hateful person who flies into abusive comments for no reason. Your constant insults are consistent with a person who deep down feels very inferior and uses harsh words to try to cover for it. Truly successful people don't brag about how great they... only insecure people do that. If you behave like this in real life then you will never have any healthy relationships. You may view this as a personal insult, but it is not... simply a deep concern that you are in need of serious help.

Comment Re:Meanwhile in Indian (Score 1) 314

Ah, Khyber, thank you for gracing us with your insults.

"So you are advocating overriding the law of the land in a sovereign country"

When that country entered into a trade agreement they need to abide by it. Not very challenging to understand. If they don't want to abide by the terms of the agreement, then they should withdraw.

"Your view of reality is fucked. Go seek help."

Thank you again for your insult. It says a lot about you.

Comment Re:Meanwhile in Indian (Score 2) 314

You made an asinine comment. The reality is that India put in protectionist rules in place to ensure their folks got jobs and didn't have to compete internationally. Apparently you think it is perfectly acceptable for US tax dollars to go to a project where their own citizens don't have a chance to get some of the work because the Indian government won't allow it.

The trade agreement specifies that contracts have to be competitive and India chose to ignore this rule. It isn't a really hard concept.

Comment IOC is Corrupt (Score 5, Insightful) 400

I remember listening to an interview on Mike & Mike (ESPN radio) where they talked to some official try to explain away all of the problems with the Rio water supply and how athletes got sick in a rowing event in the water. The Rio water was fine, she explained and any problems would be rectified. Her doublespeak was so thick that only a complete moron couldn't hear that she was a grade "A" liar.

The reality is the water is so dirty that you might as well swim in raw sewage. Does the Olympic Committee care? Nope. They got their bribes and they are happy.

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