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Comment Re:DirectX is obsolete (Score 1) 135

Really, I have to wonder what Microsoft is thinking these days.

I'd like to think they are aiming for a jack-of-all trades solution, a unified OS for both desktop and mobile.

Why carry two devices (a laptop and a smartphone) when you can accomplish everything with one (smartphone/laptop hybrid)?

Submission + - Cyber-attack platform that can control GSM networks discovered

dennison_uy writes: Reign is a new type of malicious, cyber-attack system capable of penetrating and taking control of GSM networks to spy on a user's activity and perform offensive activities. This gives the controller, among others, "access to information about which calls are processed by a particular cell, redirect these calls to other cells, activate neighbor cells and perform other offensive activities."

Because it is the first of its kind it managed operate undetected for years without arousing suspicion.

Comment No, it's not just you (Score 1) 532

Like you I get headaches from looking at CRT screens. I could never stand refresh rates below 80 Hz. The problem is I need a lot of screen real estate and usually the lower end monitors can only do higher resolution at lower refresh rates. Interlace mode is even worse.

So when LED came out I rejoiced. It is a God send for me. I never needed glasses until I was diagnosed with astigmatism. I work exclusively with computers and blame CRT monitors until now.

So while I am bothered by the flicker on LED monitors, I am also thankful for it being a huge improvement over its predecessor.

Comment Re:Isn't this inevitable? (Score 1) 177

Sure, gameplay is very important but you have to admit - games with better graphics just sell better, although this does directly translate to a better game overall. In real world analogy, males (the target market) would most likely go for the more attractive female (e.g. a sexy blonde) than an average-looking one. This is also the reason why you see so many busty, sexy protagonists in games (e.g. Lara Croft). In the business perspective, it just makes sense to come up with better hardware to end up with better looking games.

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